About Me

This is a blog about the first-person shooter MMO Planetside 2.  PS2 is a free to play game by Sony Online Entertainment, supported by microtransactions.  There are numerous servers on the East and West coast in the US, as well as Europe and Australia.  You can find me in-game on the Emerald server playing as “CondimentActual” for VS and “Mustarde” for TR.  I am a member of Earth’s Special Forces [GOKU] and play with them most nights.

Previous game history includes Starcraft II, EVE Online and Team Fortress 2.  I’ve played many other games that are too numerous to list.  When not exploding heads, I keep busy with my family (married) and work.  I also love good beer and play the drums to burn stress.

The last thing I will say about the blog is that this is a hobby – and one that will come secondary to me actually logging in and playing the game! I will definitely have to make some time for it and I might log out an extra 20 minutes early now and then to post something, but I’m not going to let this project get in the way of me shooting people in the head, or doing stuff in RL. We will see what my pace of writing ends up being – it could be weekly posts, it could be more than that. Long posts, short posts… I have not decided what the mix will be, and I am open to feedback or requests. But don’t expect daily postings or endless content to be generated here – I’m just too busy for that. I’m also quite a novice with websites, blogging and tech stuff so don’t expect lots of sophisticated liquid sex on this website. Just simple content, pictures and thoughts. Enjoy!


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