I miss the old knife mechanics/damage

Knife damage used to be 650, and combined with the forgiving spread of quick-knife damage, it felt very satisfying as a finisher. Nowadays, knife combat is a frustrating gamble, and I avoid getting in close as much as possible as a result. Every time I put damage on a target and knife him only to die and see a sliver of health left on the target, I am reminded why using the knife in CQC is a foolish gamble.

This is mostly just a nostalgic vet remembering the great moments I used to have as an infiltrator with nothing but my pistol and knife (I have 7k knife kills and over 10k pistol kills on my TR). On my VS, I have about 300 knife kills and not a single pistol aurax. The knife changes make close combat much less viable and I’m better off just sitting behind cover to reload instead of charging to try and stab (and miss).

I hate swinging the knife and missing. I also miss the commie/knife combo, which was fun as hell.

Some people felt that the knife was too easy to use. But reducing its damage and changing the reliability of using it took away a play style that was really fun. I don’t see a lot of harm coming if this were reverted honestly.

My first montage, and a good example of the hilarious fun you could have with just your pistol and knife (this was with the pre-nerf repeater, almost nothing in this video is possible anymore)  https://youtu.be/nPC50diMyKw


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