December updates

I am a terrible blogger.


“Tell me something I don’t know!”, you might say.  And indeed, this is not new information.  But I do feel badly that I have not updated any entries lately, especially since I have been back in the game full-swing for over 2 months.


Currently I have been playing a lot of VS on Emerald with GOKU.  They are a very fun group of players who are relaxed, yet coordinated.  When our PL gives us the next objective, everyone responds without hesitation.  It leads to a lot of teamwork and coordination, and tons of fun point holds and last minute resecures.  I am doing a bit of directive farming on VS, but trying to stick more to weapons that I like rather than repeating all the purple medal grinding I did on TR.  I really enjoy using the Ghost, ever since the scope update, as well as the Vandal and Nyx.  Especially with the Nyx, the no-bullet drop really lets you get some nice kills in the 70-120m range.


The game seems pretty stable from a performance standpoint.  I really have no complaints about balance at the moment… at least none that are wildly broken.  I look forward to SOE hitting the new year with new content now that a lot of the issues holding them back are (mostly) resolved.  The game will never be perfect, but they have come a long way with it and I am more focused on having fun and winning alerts than on bugs and exploits.


I still have this ArcheAge habit, which has eaten up a lot of the time I otherwise would spend on making videos.  I still am collecting footage so I will start working on my next one soon.


I hope you all have a good holiday this year, and keep an eye out for “CondimentActual” on VS Emerald.  I’m around, usually primetime each day.


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