Infiltrating in a squad/platoon

Lately I’ve been spending most of my in-game time in the squad or platoon setting, working under the orders of the PL/SL and going wherever we decide to fight as a group.  I haven’t done a lot of solo sniping from high perches or tower stomping with a TSAR-42/Ghost or SMG.  That being said, in this type of environment I’ve really come to appreciate a less used variety of weapons: scout rifles and semi-auto snipers.


All of these weapons offer reasonable mid-range power which is great while in a group.  Your job isn’t to stand at the front with an SMG, that is for the HA’s.  There’s not a great role for long range combat in many fights once you are in the base, as it often won’t protect your squad-mates or help deal with flanking enemies.  Occasionally you will be needed for counter-sniping.  But what the semi-auto and scout rifles allow is for wide coverage of a base, enough to set up in a flanking building and pick off enemies across the way, or shoot over the shoulder of the tankier units who are up close.  Whereas bolt action rifles rely on headshots for kills, in a group setting you may only need a body shot or two to kill wounded targets that your allies have shot at.  All of these factors let weapons like the Vandal, Nyx, Artemis (and off faction equivalents) shine.

I’ve mentioned numerous times before, the other keys to good squad/platoon infiltrating is maintaining radar coverage at all times for your group.  Most of the times that is a motion spotter, but depending on the nature of the fight, recon darts can be better if you have a large area to cover or are moving often.  Always bring motion spotters to point holds if you remember it.

Hacking can be valuable, especially if you need a sunderer pulled.  Make sure to ask for some cover as terminals at newer bases are hard to access and sometimes suicidal.  I keep a shield deploy sunderer defaulted in my loadouts for quick pulls.  Otherwise, don’t think that every terminal or turret needs to be hacked – oftentimes you are most valuable on the point or near it, not off on a private mission across the base to hack that one AV turret pointing away from the action.

EMP’s are great for breaches.  My outfit doesn’t often do coordinated grenade breaches but there are plenty of times where I can tell it will be helpful.   Just do your best not to EMP friendlies and it will go well.  I don’t carry bandolier but there are certainly times when that could be very useful.  I usually save my EMP for taking out beacons or setting the stage to charge a point.  I think if you end a fight and still have your grenade, there was probably a missed opportunity to use it somewhere in the battle.

Here’s a video of some of these principles in action.  Remember that a platoon only really needs 2-3 good infiltrators – coordinate with each other and with your PL so these important roles are being fulfilled without over-saturating.   Thanks for reading, I hope to start making more posts here in the new year!





December updates

I am a terrible blogger.


“Tell me something I don’t know!”, you might say.  And indeed, this is not new information.  But I do feel badly that I have not updated any entries lately, especially since I have been back in the game full-swing for over 2 months.


Currently I have been playing a lot of VS on Emerald with GOKU.  They are a very fun group of players who are relaxed, yet coordinated.  When our PL gives us the next objective, everyone responds without hesitation.  It leads to a lot of teamwork and coordination, and tons of fun point holds and last minute resecures.  I am doing a bit of directive farming on VS, but trying to stick more to weapons that I like rather than repeating all the purple medal grinding I did on TR.  I really enjoy using the Ghost, ever since the scope update, as well as the Vandal and Nyx.  Especially with the Nyx, the no-bullet drop really lets you get some nice kills in the 70-120m range.


The game seems pretty stable from a performance standpoint.  I really have no complaints about balance at the moment… at least none that are wildly broken.  I look forward to SOE hitting the new year with new content now that a lot of the issues holding them back are (mostly) resolved.  The game will never be perfect, but they have come a long way with it and I am more focused on having fun and winning alerts than on bugs and exploits.


I still have this ArcheAge habit, which has eaten up a lot of the time I otherwise would spend on making videos.  I still am collecting footage so I will start working on my next one soon.


I hope you all have a good holiday this year, and keep an eye out for “CondimentActual” on VS Emerald.  I’m around, usually primetime each day.