Hossin, and the evolving role of the infiltrator

I would love to take the time to review all the bases of Hossin and discuss infiltrator-specific tips at each one. However, I lack the time and energy to do this, and I’m sure most of you would get bored reading it anyways.

But what I do want to explore is the evolution of combat on Hossin. While I haven’t spent as much time there as I need to yet, I’ve fought on enough of the bases to have a good sense of the differences in combat from this continent compared to others.

The first thing I noticed while fighting on Hossin are the choke points. Oh boy these bases can turn into meat-grinders! Some of them are indoors, and some of them lack good high-ground to take advantage of. But there are several, where the choke point has nearby trees, hills, or simple flanks that let you have open fire on the enemy, who is clustered behind a corner unable to advance.

As an infiltrator, choke points are one of the things we are best equipped to exploit. I personally prefer bolt action rifles for this, but semi-automatic weapons work nicely as well. The key is finding these chokes, finding a position to look down on said choke, and then farm while avoiding detection from other players. It’s not easy to do, but with a little creativity and persistence, there are lots of easy kills to get.

As a follow up to the choke point concept, Hossin strongly favors vertical height abuse. To the point that I am frequently pulling LA, dropping a beacon, and then redeploying as an infil. From bail-ESF’s/Libs to beacons or parkour (ala CuteBeaver), do whatever you can to take the high ground. Let your allies get farmed in the choke points. You are an infiltrator, a predator. Be the hunter, not the hunted.

Another thing I have noticed is that scout rifles and smg’s really shine on Hossin. The closer ranged combat, combined with frequent breaks in cover which make it hard to have line of sight on a location over a distance, means you are more likely to benefit from a weapon capable at 20m. I still use a bolt action often, but I snipe in CQC situations and am quick to draw the sidearm. If you aren’t comfortable with a BASR close up, consider the auto scouts, semi-auto sniper/scouts, or SMG’s.

The cover on Hossin is incredible. For this reason, using the deep cloak, either as a regular infil or a stalker, is powerful. The enemy will run right by you, utterly clueless as to your existence. Be creative, there are many ways to exploit this fact.

The devs have done a good job including infantry and vehicle terminals at many bases for us to hack, well as a variety of turrets. The role of the base hacking infiltrator is alive and well. I have on several occasions hacked out a pounder max from behind enemy lines to devastate armor. Again – be creative, and keep your enemy guessing.

Thats all for now on Hossin – it’s a very different continent compared to Indar or Esamir, where you have wide sniping lanes, and high exposure to vehicles. Combat there is either long range or extreme CQC,. On Hossin, you are forced into CQC – mid range fights, and ranged sniping opportunities, while present, are less common. I encourage all of you to think differently when playing on Hossin, adapt a swamp mindset and become the “predator”.

Happy Hunting!



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