The problem with attacking redeployside

Redeployside. A common phrase used to describe the practice of moving large numbers of infantry quickly from one place on the map to another base, which could be nearby, or on the opposite end of the continent. Nowadays, it seems many players seem eager to criticize this game design, crying out for more depth and “logistics”. A small voice makes the token mention that without the redeploy mechanic, the lone wolf or casual player would be left in the dark, bored and unable to keep up with the good fights.

But I think there is a critical aspect of “Redeployside” that is being overlooked. That is the sheer excitement of stacking up in a point building to fight off the hordes of reinforcements pouring in. Or looking at the map, and seeing that you have 90 seconds to kick an entrenched enemy out of your base. Many times, the mass redeploy strategy fails – yet we often selectively remember the times where it worked, claiming that the meta is broken and the game is shallow. There is a false notion that we should be lugging soldiers across the fields in sundies or dropping them in via galaxy. The truth is, the current meta of redeployment keeps lattice lanes active, and gives us all more opportunity to shoot at bad guys. In other words, it keeps the game FUN. Furthermore, there is strategy that is involved in redeploying, both as a defender and aggressor. And as I mentioned above, it is exhilarating to make a last minute push for the point.

Another rarely mentioned fact is that redeploying is strictly a defensive tactic. You will not capture bases by bouncing around the map to bases you already own. And I find that the most effective way to attack a base with your outfit is via spawn beacons or galaxy drops. Logistics in Planetside remains well and good for this reason. And as the attacker, you need to maintain those logistics to keep your soldiers on the front lines, or else the defenders will break your push and send you back down the lane.

The last thing I want to say is – what will happen if we start to punish or substantially change the redeploy meta? Here is my prediction: You and your outfit set up on a base, lock down the point and start your 3 minute cap. And no one shows up. The enemy is two lanes over, and they are not interested in spawning new galaxies, going back to the warpgate, and then flying over to stop your ghostcap. They will just wait until you leave, and then ghostcap the base back. Because at the end of the day, most of us are LAZY. We will take the quickest and most efficient method that is rewarding. If you punish redeploying too much, people simply won’t show up to your fight. All these champions of “Logistics” will be sitting on an empty point on an empty base wondering why their enemy isn’t driving a sunderer manually across Amerish to stop their offensive. It’s a fundamental misunderstanding of player behavior, especially in this modern age of online gaming.

So that’s my criticism of current popular opinion. My suggestion? I do think there needs to be a pop % limit for redeploying into a hex. I would lean towards 55%, because many bases can be spawn camped with vehicles and air – so it seems reasonable that defenders can bring a slightly larger number of players in to a base. Once you break that 55% threshold, the redeploy option is no longer valid for that base – regardless of if your squad leader is in the hex. I also think that rule should only apply on hexes with 24+ in it – if there’s 12-24 in the hex, there shouldn’t be a redeploy % limit IMO. Once you break 24+ the ratio cap sets in.

I wanted to say something because I have heard very little in the way of “devils advocate” regarding the war on “Redeployside”. And quite frankly, some of the changes I’ve seen proposed, including Malorn’s approach of charging nanites – seem dangerous, and threaten the health of our battles. I want enemies charging into my killzone. I want that element of surprise – will GOKU storm this base or let us take it? Should I bring a medic or a lockdown max? Do we have enough harassers in the tech plant??? Logisticside will be a very boring game – sure it will have plenty of depth – but if I wanted to drive across an empty map I could just go play DayZ.

Oh, and I want to add one last thought – when do I redeploy? When my faction has too much pop in the hex. When I am being spawn camped to hell. When there are no good fights on the map/continent. I do not want to be punished for this, at the solo or platoon level.

I would love to hear your comments!



2 thoughts on “The problem with attacking redeployside

  1. Definitely agree. Moving around within territory your faction owns should be as easy as possible. The redeploy mechanic effectively simulates what in the real world would be units assigned to defend a position, but avoids players having to actually sit in a base all day waiting for the enemy to come.

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