Emerald, and revisiting an old weapon, the KSR-35

I’ve been slacking HUGE on this blog.  Many apologies for that.  To be honest, it’s a bit hard to find new things to write about in the world of infiltrating.  I’m still at it, nearly every day, and it never gets boring, as long as good fights are to be had.  I just think that after 18 months there are not many things we haven’t discussed at some point.
So what have I been doing?  Well, a lot of my out of game energy has been going into the community, specifically regarding my server.  As most of you know, Mattherson was recently merged with Waterson and renamed Emerald.
Last week we had a server smash to compete for naming rights of the new server.  It was such a huge event, nearly 2000 concurrent twitch viewers during the Friday stream!   I was leading the NNG squad, in a platoon with 903, NNG, DARK and SG.  We had an amazing group of players, lead by the PL IamCommanderShepard, who is the leader of 903.  We had some very intense fighting up north at Freyr.  I streamed the entire battle, which you can see here:
The end of the smash was just as dramatic as the hype leading up to it – an overtime victory by Mattherson, capturing Esamir Muntions Corp.  There was a great deal of controversy following, as the officiators for the event miscounted and gave the win to Waterson, only to follow by giving it back to Mattherson 30 minutes later, by ONE single point margin of victory.  It was so close that Higby and the SOE team decided to name the new server Emerald, after the PS1 server.
The merge took place on 6/24, and Emerald is now the place to be in PS2.  The battles are huge and epic, and people are having fun at all hours.  It’s so hard logging out, because you just want to keep playing (as opposed to old Mattherson where the fights died pretty quickly after midnight or sooner).
It’s so much fun meeting new players and outfits, and hanging on to the old community  you came from.  I can’t help but brag about Mattherson every now and then in /y just to stir things up.  Planetside 2 has never been more epic and fun than it is now on Emerald.  And with Hossin on the verge of release, the game is now entering what I consider a golden age.
On a different note, I revisted an old weapon that I once considered the most worthless infiltrator weapon in the game, the KSR-35.  Since I had auraxium’d it last year in February, SOE has made several changes including removing scope sway and improving recoil significantly.  The end result is an accurate and hard hitting semi-auto rifle that lets me actually play the role of an aggressive infiltrator.  If you can land headshots, this thing will absolutely devastate enemies, and I have been cutting through them like butter over the last two days.  I have a completely new opinion on this rifle and will definitely be making a video with it sometime in the future.
Well that’s all for now, thanks for being patient with me as I fall behind on blogging.  There is definitely no shortage of things to talk about however!
See you on the battlefield!

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