So much, yet so little

I’ve been pretty busy with work lately, leaving precious time for gaming amongst my other hobbies and obligations. The blog has taken a hit as a result, and I apologize for not keeping it updated with content.

At the same time, I’ve been keeping up with videos and posts on forums to our community. Here’s a roundup of some things you may have seen or read from me recently:

Videos: – a video/montage about the rocket primary, and how I see it negatively impacting gameplay. – “Angel with a Shotgun” – I had a blast picking up the pump action shotties and running around blasting dudes in the head – After a long time, I finally made another gameplay commentary video discussing my favorite weapons, the Automatic Scout Rifles (SOAS-20, Artemix, Shadow)





“The problem with an implant on/off switch” –

“[Zen] – How to relax and enjoy implants” –


I also had some very public things to say about a player named “Boursk” on the Mattherson server who was repeatedly exploiting spawn room shield rendering to kill players as they spawned into battle.  He was the #1 NC player worldwide by XP.  SOE is looking into the matter.


As you can see, I’m still very active in the community – it’s just been hard keeping the blog going too.  I will keep working on content for here, as I still really enjoy having my own place to air thoughts and share content. 


See you on the battlefield!




2 thoughts on “So much, yet so little

  1. It seems that you have a problem with the NC ASR which is the AF-18 Stalker and not AF-6 Shadow! ^^
    By the way, I love your and I discovered it some weeks ago, it has really good content !
    Keep going! 🙂

  2. I love your posts Mustarge, I’d love to play with you sometime in game, just send me a friend invite and maybe we can talk 😛 thanks man


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