Infiltrator: Solo vs. Squad

Ever since I moved from BWC to NNG (NoNonsenseGamers), I’ve had substantially more freedom to play Planetside 2 in whatever fashion I please.  I’ve been able to do a lot more solo play, as well as join up with various squads and platoons all across Mattherson.  It has been a wonderful balance of honing my individual skills and focusing on working with a team.  I have touched on this subject a long time ago, but wanted to revisit the role of the infiltrator in terms of the group you are playing with.  We will go into solo and squad/platoon.


Solo: The infiltrator lends itself very nicely to solo gameplay.  Indeed, while PS2 is a massive game that heavily benefits outfits, there are many opportunities for an individual to make an impact on a fight, or to find a fight that will be fun for that player.  Map reading is essential to the solo player – I am constantly searching the map for a fight where I can get a lot of kills without simply being thrown into a meatgrinder.  Some of my best streaks come from solo play.  Here’s what I look for as a solo player:

  • Geography: certain bases have amazing sniper opportunities.  When you see a large enemy presence there, or soon approaching, take the opportunity to get in position and get as many kills as possible.  My personal favorites are tower defense (which I will elaborate on in future posts), bases with high ground nearby (the stronghold is my favorite) and bases with large open ground inbetween (SNA to silver valley, QR to Indar ex, etc).
  • Population: As a solo infiltrator, we can do very well in small 12v12 fights due to the power of recon darts and the element of surprise.  In fights of this size, I usually get in close with an SMG, or scout rifle, knowing that I am less vulnerable to getting flanked.  As fights scale up, it becomes much harder to put yourself at the front line without getting killed by someone who has line of sight on you – by the time you hit 48+ it’s time to either pull out a sniper rifle or find a part of the base where you can keep fighting against smaller numbers of players (I love to fight around generators or smaller objectives at amp stations for example)
  • Armor and vehicle presence: Vehicles can ruin the infiltrator.  It’s quite simple, with thermals – no one is safe, and once your cloak runs out, if you are spotted, your farm is over.  I look for enemy vehicle presence as an indicator of what I can get done as an infiltrator on the ground.  When a base starts getting spammed, I redeploy and move on.  Alternatively, I look for opportunity to get behind an armor column to hack a turret or a prowler and get some back rage on enemy tanks.

Squad: In squad play, the infiltrator needs to stick closer to the group.  It’s not just a matter of going where you can get the most kills anymore.  Your squad needs your recon tools, and they want you to hack a sunderer for them.  I usually carry motion spotters to plant on the objective and my SOAS-20 auto scout rifle to dispatch enemies from mid range.  I stick close to the group where medics can reach me and only flank when I think it is worthwhile or safe to do so.  As any good squad member will do, the infiltrator needs to make sure they are on time for galaxy loadups and call out any intel they discover so everyone else is ready.  Recon is the most important function we provide, and I am OCD about keeping darts or spotters deployed for my guys.  I also carry EMP grenades to take out enemy beacons, and sometimes will run grenade bandolier just for that reason.

The infiltrator remains one of the most versatile classes in the game.  We can run around without any support and still have an impact on the battle, or we can become an integral part of a squad or platoon.  The key to being successful lies in understanding battle flow, knowing base layouts and reading the map properly.  It also lies in flexibility, being able to swap from sniping to using an SMG or scout rifle.  If you can bring the right tool to the fight, and get in the right position, you will see your KPH and KDR steadily climb, as well as hear the praise of your squad members as you help keep them alive and spawning into the fight.

Good luck and see you on the battlefield!




3 thoughts on “Infiltrator: Solo vs. Squad

  1. “and they want you to hack a sunderer for them.”
    So infiltrators can hack sunderer terminals? never heard of it, and i found nothing in the forums – but is it possible? or am i missunderstanding you mustarde?

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