The TSAR-42/Ghost/SAS-R

I used these weapons a while ago, and while they were fun, I could never get used to the optics, as compared to the overlay scopes with the long range bolt actions.


Over the last month I’ve given them another shot, and have had a lot of fun using them for mid-range sniper combat.  I’ve been using the 4x scopes with fine point crosshairs, unsuppressed.  Perhaps my twitch and aim is better these days, or perhaps I just have a better feel for them overall, but I’ve been very pleased with their performance.


The real benefit in using them over your traditional long range sniper rifles comes in the faster rechamber and reload speed, in addition to the scope selection.  A more recent benefit that is not insignificant is the lack of scope sway, allowing for the accurate user to tag kills at long range.  I still love my SR-7, for being a middle ground rifle in terms of velocity and rate of fire, however I have been spending a lot of time with the TSAR-42.  Expect to see them featured heavily in my next video, which might be a few weeks away.  I’ve been pretty busy at work lately, hence the decrease in posting frequency and content.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you all on the battlefield!




One thought on “The TSAR-42/Ghost/SAS-R

  1. Looking forward to the video. I’ve always liked the TSAR-42 even the I was never very successful with it. Nevertheless every kill felt incredibly satisfying. However I’ve always used the weapon with a suppressor. I’m very interested to see how you evade detection without one…

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