I’m trying streaming again!

So I tried streaming almost a year ago… and had lots of performance issues.  Instead of putting in a lot of effort, I kind of just said, “meh” and stuck to making youtube videos.


I thought I’d give things another go, now that OMFG has hit.  And so far, I’ve had a decent streaming experience.  No, you will not see a webcam, or very fancy addons.  You will also probably only get moderate quality video, but from what I’ve been told, it’s good enough to be viewable and enjoyable.


I do have the recursion overlay going, which is pretty cool.  And if I have a lot of fun streaming, you can expect me to do it more often.  I usually am doing a mix of solo, squad and platoon gameplay, and I visit lots of different Mattherson outfits to play with them.  Still mostly TR but you’ll see some NNG VS action as well.  I love to talk about my gameplay decisions, performance (good and bad) and weapons.  I have the chat open on a second monitor so it’s easy to interact with viewers.  I have a minimal delay so what you are seeing is basically realtime.


Check it out at http://www.twitch.tv/mustarde and see what you think!


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