Back to basics

I’ve been super busy in-game lately – as you can imagine, the infiltrator update had me playing around with new styles, new loadouts and the new abilities quite a bit.  I made a video about the TRAP-M1 and the NS-30 Vandal, and of course, finished the auraxium medals for them (as well as the Blackheart crossbow, including video).  But despite all these distractions, I am and always will be, a sniper at heart.  And to be honest, sniping is the one thing I do in Planetside that I consider to be exceptional at.  My stats with other weapons are above average, but do not put me into what I consider a top tier.  However, when it comes to sniping, that is one area where only a handful of players I consider to be my equal.


So after spending most of February and March playing with crossbows, scout rifles and various pistols, I finally got back to sniping.  And oh man has it been good.  Here’s a taste of a session from earlier today –


My next video will be a return to the essence of Mustarde: lots and lots of headshots!  I hope you guys are having fun exploring things that are new in Planetside, as well as returning to the tried and true that you fell in love with in the first place.



Stay Frosty,




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