New Season

Today I made a tough decision and left BWC.  I’ve been a part of the outfit for 9 months, have participated in over 130 operations, and built their infiltrator division from the ground up.  It was a tough move to make, and one that I have been wrestling with for a while now.


You won’t hear me saying anything bad about my former outfit, they are a solid group of amazing individuals, who have built a community that has been strong for over 10 years.  I loved my time with them and will miss it quite a bit.


So why the change?  Well, to be frank, the rules in place that the outfit operates by were becoming too restrictive. BWC doesn’t allow cross-faction alts on Mattherson, and at the same time, the outfit has taken a big step back away from the competitive community.  While I may not be the most elite player, I definitely enjoy competing in scrimmages and have participated in 3 community clash events with each one being some of the most fun I’ve had in Planetside2.  I want to keep competing and find other like-minded players to join up with.


This brings me to the next announcement: I’m now officially a member of NoNonsense Gamers [NNG].  They are a VS outfit on Mattherson who has exactly what I am looking for in an outfit and gaming community.  “But… they wear purple!”  Yes, that is a bit of a problem.  Well, this does mean I will roll a VS alt and play with them from time to time, but you can also expect me to spent most of my time still playing TR, supporting our faction through these dark times of overpopulation.


Hopefully that explains some of the change in outfit affiliation.  Some of you probably don’t care at all, and just come here to read about infiltrating and watch my latest video.  Others have played with me a great deal in-game and deserve to know why I am doing this.


Otherwise, my video production and blogging will continue as always, and I look forward to sharing more PS2/infiltrator content with all of you!


Stay Frosty,




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