Updates, and cheating on infiltrator

I’m really happy with the direction PS2 is taking. The new content, even if minor so far since optimization, has revitalized the game. I’m seeing more players back and trying out new strategies. Alerts are pretty fun most of the time, and the outfit is doing well overall.

The galaxy and sunderer squad spawning changes have been my favorite change by far. It adds a totally new dynamic to the game, and allows for creative squad play as well as a reason to fight for control of the skies. I love it.

Lately I’ve decided to take a small auraxium detour on some other classes. I struggled for a while to play light assault well, as I’d always get picked off before reaching good spots, or lose many 1v1’s that I’d win with an SMG or as a HA. I’m getting much better at moving with a jetpack and making smart positioning choices. Medic class is very fun to play as I get access to some amazing assault rifles in the TR, as well as the ability to heal myself, carry c4 and revive my buds. I’ve been killing maxes, reviving masses of players and going on mad killstreaks with medic, it’s so much fun.

A huge part of my success with the carbines and assault rifles come from using the SOAS-20. That rifle teaches you how to aim, burst fire and conserve ammo. Those attributes transfer over to the other weapon classes very easily, and have allowed me to pick up these weapons with success. So far I’ve auraxium’d the TAR, cycler TRV, Jaguar, NS-11A. Working on the SABR-13 (really fun weapon!), NS-11C and T1 Cycler (default medic gun). My favorite so far are the T1 cycler (Surprising accurate and deadly!) and the NS-11A. I tend to use the compensator/foregrip combo and ADS a lot.

So that’s all for now. The game remains a ton of fun for me, and I’m glad to see some new content coming down the pipeline. I can’t wait for the infiltrator update, you can expect me to cert everything out immediately and start racing to auraxium all the things. I will also be spending time with all the new cert lines and writing reviews as I can.


Lastly, I made a new video this week, but I’m going to hold off on releasing it until next week.  I’m trying to average 2 vids per month and I don’t want to pump them out too quickly and risk burnout.

Until next time,



Here’s last week’s video, Unexpected, in case you haven’t seen it!



4 thoughts on “Updates, and cheating on infiltrator

  1. Did you do the default t1cycler gun with just the foregrip, or go for one of the variants and buy the compensator/forgrip combo? Which sights do you recommend?

  2. Overlay scopes are more accurate. It’s been a problem with the game since release. There are a few exceptions (2x reflex for my HSR-1 and TSAR-42)

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