Hotfix returns sniping to awesome

These last few weeks have been a very dark time for me, infiltrator-wise (don’t worry, everything is going great for me in real life – I’m just focusing on in-game stuff).  PU02 introduced a bug that had sensitivity hitching during scoping, and while some infiltrators compensated, I could hardly snipe during this time.  I spent most of the holiday time-period using scout rifles, carbines and LMG’s, or rolling a MAX.  It felt wrong, as the very thing I was most practiced and skilled in I couldn’t use.

I made a few posts discussing this problem and tweeted the SOE devs.  Much to my surprise, within 3-4 days of the SOE team returning from their holiday break, a hot fix came out.

  • Fixed moused sensitivity changing when immediately entering ADS (fixes “hitch” when entering iron sights)

It completely fixed the issue I was having, and returned sniping to the feel it has had for me ever since installing Planetside for the first time.  Essentially this was my first chance to really snipe with the RAMS.50 and SR-7 since nanoweave has been nerfed.  It was wonderful, and I am really happy with where infiltrators are right now.  There are bug issues related to our cloak, but otherwise the weapons are balanced and performing well.  Between the SMG’s, scout rifles and bolt actions, I find good use for all of them depending on the fight.

So I’m finally back to sniping.  It feels great, and I’m really enjoying the game again.  I didn’t mind using other weapons during this time period, but it was depressing every time I’d pick up the SR-7 and fan on an easy shot from 50m.

Working on a new video, probably in the next week or two.  Not sure which clips to use, or which soundtrack to pick.  So… maybe in 2 weeks 🙂

BWC is going strong as always.  Last night we had over 12 infiltrators in the Reaper channel, during our friday ops.  Some new faces mixed with the old, and new squad leaders to help run things.  It was a lot of fun, and we were a force to be reckoned with on the field.

That’s about all for now.  If you have any guides or material  you want me to work on or comment on, just leave a message below!  That’s how I came up with the infil cert guide a month ago or so.

Stay Frosty,



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