Infiltrator Loadouts: A tool for every job

PS2 is a game where you can specialize in a given class or weapon, or adapt to whatever the situation calls for.  Some of the best players in the game, many of whom I admire, can switch between any of the infantry classes depending on the fight, and be effective.  While I would like to think that I have at least some versatility in different classes, my first and primary love is the Infiltrator.  And I believe it is a class that has enough weapon versatility to be used effectively in almost EVERY fight, as long as you are able to assess the situation and pull what is most helpful.

Instead of spending a lot of time with theory and ideas, I will just give a small outline of my own personal loadouts and how I swap between them throughout the flow of battle.


My first and most common build is the mid-range sniper.  I favor the SR-7 with 6x scope, which allows me to engage at between 30-200m, hitting a sweet spot around 100m.  This build alone lets me participate in most outdoor fights, and be deadly from the outskirts of a base.  I end up using this build about 80% of the time.



Next is my long range sniper build, with the RAMS.50 and 12x scope.  I bring ammo belt since I’m often stranded from engineer support.  This build is less often used but gets pulled out during our infil squad ops when we hit an objective from a distance, or when I find a good perch in a busy fight that is outside of 150m.



The SMG allows the infiltrator to get in close, run around bases hacking and ambushing unsuspecting players.  While I favor the Armistice, they are all useful between 1-20m (with the NS-7 PDW being an exception out to 40-50m).  I often pull this out for towers, indoor bases, or when there are poor conditions for sniping.  With just one SMG in your arsenal, the infiltrator can cover extreme ranges, from 300m to 5m just by swapping between sniper rifles and the SMG.  There are not many fights you will find yourself being left out of.



There are times when the SMG is too suicidal (after all, being within 5m makes it easy to over-extend and get caught after a few kills).  This is where the scout rifles and semi-auto rifles can be handy.  I have a SOAS-20 build with ammo belt that I run around with just for crowded close range fights where I can’t snipe very well but I don’t want to run on top of the enemy until I die after 3-4 kills.  This lets me engage up to 60m and has a tendency to keep me safe.



While a good sniper will practice until they can hit moving targets reliably, there are some fights where the enemy is rushing on foot too quickly to make bolt actions a viable choice.  The semi-auto rifles can shine, allowing the user to land numerous shots on a running target, killing them before reaching cover.  One of my favorite examples is defending crossroads watchtower from a zerg of players pouring out of a sundy and approaching the tower on foot.  The 99SV/Spectre/Gauss SPR is very good at popping these targets within 2-4 rounds.  A suppressor limits the range substantially but will still be viable out to 75m or so.




As you can see, many of my loadouts are based upon my anticipated engagement range and movement patterns of the enemy.  In a single fight I could go from a bolt action to a SASR to an ASR or SMG.  When we are camped in or there are large clusters of enemies, I pull out the bandolier build.  The key is understanding who you are trying to get into your sights, and predicting which weapon you will want in your hands when that moment comes.  For newer infiltrators, those who haven’t had the luxury to purchase all the flavors of weapons we have as infiltrators, I would recommend at least one bolt action rifle, one semi-auto rifle, and one fully automatic weapon, either the SMG or ASR.

As for the particular suits and utilities I have equipped here, feel free to copy and emulate them, but these are just things I have grown into over time and have found most useful for me.  You may prefer different cloaks or suits.  The most important thing is bringing the right loadout to the right fight.


Stay Frosty,




9 thoughts on “Infiltrator Loadouts: A tool for every job

  1. Hey Mustarde,
    I noticed you run Advanced shield capacitor and Nano-Armor cloaking on your smg loadout. I am fairly new to Infil and trying to learn more. I was under the assumption most infils do not run this loadout. Could you expound on this choice a bit if you don’t mind?

    Also if you are taking requests a cert guide from BR1 to fully certed Infil would be really cool. I respect your playstyle, skill, and opinion, and I just wanted to know how you would cert a new Infil.


    • Thanks for the comments!

      I think the NAC/ASC is a less common build, as you mentioned. They were both buffed some time in the patches before development halted to optimize the game, and I was eager to jump on the bandwagon and check them out.

      Both options can be amazing for the SMG infil, but they definitely require a slight change in playstyle, and increased awareness of your weaknesses.

      The NAC is the most annoying, as once you get used to max rank hunter, it’s a pain to get used to new cloak timings. I will actually go back to hunter if I’m trying to SMG with a lot of open ground, because the faster drain and slower recharge will get you killed when over-extended. But it’s amazing indoors or with cover, and I’ve used it to get out of hairy situations with a sliver of life left. I think the cloak choice makes less of an impact on your performance as an SMG infil than suit slot though.

      The ASC is perfect for hit and run situations. Again, great for cover where you can quickly recharge and get back into the fight. But the trick is that you have to actually… hit and run! Don’t rambo into a group with ASC… and while I never recommend that, you should wear nanoweave if that’s your thing. I love ASC so much compared to nanoweave and flak with my SMG infil, because it lets you reset the engagements so much faster, and oftentimes waiting 10s for your shield is basically suicide.

      Watch my most recent montage for some use of ASC and NAC in action.

      • Thanks for the info, and the cert guide; I appreciate it. BTW I bookmarked your killboard and holy shit talk about a buzzkill man… plz have 1 bad night so I know you are human ffs.

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