Blog update

Sorry for the slow posting lately. I put more of my free time into editing videos instead of blogging recently, as I’ve had a lot of fun using footage captured with shadowplay. I am not working on anything currently, I think I’ll wait a few weeks before putting out more videos.

Work has been super busy lately, which has cut into my evening gaming sessions a decent bit. I’m still able to log in and get an hour or two of killing in most nights, but there have been more than a few times I have only had the energy to get home, eat and sleep.

So now that OMFG has been on the live server for a little it, I have to say that the game has overall improved substantially for me. I think most of us forgot just how fun the game could be with more people playing. I had flashbacks to the days just after Mattherson merged with Soltech, or even the days around last year’s release of PS2. Big fights, multi continent fronts and now we have good performance too! I know some people had issues this past weekend but I had a wonderful time during double XP weekend and my only regret is that I didn’t have more time to log in.

Another interesting realization has occurred for me. Now that OMFG is live, I am realizing that while I had a decent system, bad game performance had affected my play style as well. During larger fights, I had been favoring SMG infiltrator gameplay because it was harder to snipe. I’m now realizing that I did that more because of how hard it is to snipe with low FPS (I usually don’t go lower than 20) than because SMG’s were a better weapon to use. While I have a lot of experience using SMG’s, I don’t actually favor them over the sniper rifles in general. So now, I am enjoying using my SR-7 even more than before, and have been pulling out the TSAR-42 a bit as well. This patch has only improved my sniping gameplay.

BWC is going strong as ever, and we’ve had a few people come back after the update. I must confess though, I’ve had several frustating experiences with them lately, mostly surrounding what I believe to be bad decisions on the ground to take our guys to dumb fights. It’s very hard to not leave squad and just lonewolf (which is against our outfit rules) sometimes. And for those who don’t know me well – I absolutely despise squad leading, as playing infiltrator takes up 100% of my attention and leaves me with no focus left to place on others. It’s probably just a phase I’m going through. It doesn’t help that I’ve been focused on increasing my kills per hour lately, and being stuck in slow caps drives me nuts.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and I will try to stop by here more often with more discussion on infiltrator stuff!

Stay frosty,



One thought on “Blog update

  1. Ah man I know how you feel about the squad leading stuff! But I go in the opposite direction when frames drop. I actually go sniping when it gets choppy. I use pretty high sensitivity and rely a great deal on jumping and redirecting in combat, so not being able to actively see and keep track of a foe is infuriating 🙂 Being limited with 4Gb of ram means staying in relatively the same area and not rendering anything extra, which makes the stillness of sniping all the more tantalising. Anyway just thought I’d send something to keep you out of boredom. It’s a dangerous thing.

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