I love Shadowplay! (New Montage)

Nvidia recently released Shadowplay, which basically uses your GPU to keep a recording of the last 15 minutes (or whatever you set it to) of gameplay.  If you had a great killstreak, you can just hit “alt-f10” and it will save the footage in a folder for later.  Say I have a great streak, hit save, and then do something really cool after hitting save – I can hit it again and shadow play will create a second video file that starts where the last save ended.  It records in higher quality than I’ve been able to manage with OBS previously, and also barely impacts my frames per second, something that had been keeping me from recording big fights lately.

So I’ve used some great moments collected over the last two weeks to make a new montage, mostly focused on mid-range sniping.  It’s basically back to my bread and butter gameplay, with a little SOAS-20 action sprinkled in for fun.  One big departure for me over previous loadouts is that I have ditched the suppressor on my SR-7 due to nanoweave.  It doesn’t really have a negative impact in these clips, but I had no choice but to stop using suppressed sniper rifles, at least until some balancing is done.

This might be some of my best work to-date, at least that I’ve captured on video.  I hope you enjoy!



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