The Infiltrator and Vehicles

First, we can start this post with a montage I made the other week – feel free to check it out now and then we can begin a discussion on vehicles and infiltration.

So I want to use this post to discuss the additional utility that an infiltrator can bring to the table with proper vehicle use.  I consider this to be advanced infiltration as the vehicles in this game often require a lot of cert points invested to be used properly.  Lets start by speaking in broad terms.  There are several differences between how an infiltrator uses a vehicle compared to other classes.

First, most players use engineer for the repair ability.  While you can swap at a nearby infantry terminal, often times in the middle of large fights, it is both too risky and low yield to swap classes and go BACK to a hacked v-term.  If you are behind enemy lines, it won’t be easy to get out and repair your vehicle anyways.  With that in mind, I often equip the auto repair defense slot, so if I find the opportunity to take cover, I can regain some vehicle HP.

The next big difference in vehicle use is where the infiltrator pulls a vehicle.  By infiltrating an enemy base, or even going further into the lattice or hex to pull, you will be, by definition, flanking the enemy.  This is a huge part of what can make the infiltrator so dangerous when using vehicles.  If there is an armor column approaching your base, by pulling an AP prowler behind them, you can often kill 2-3 MBT’s, and massively disrupt the armor advance as they have to turn around to deal with you.

One of the more obvious benefits that has long been utilized is sunderer placement.  Something that BWC utilizes is having 2-3 sunderers in place at a base before the assault even begins, allowing both the outfit and the zerg quick access to the next fight.

The last thing to keep in mind is that these tactics with vehicles are more or less suicide missions.  Once you pull your vehicle it’s only a matter of time before something will mop you up, and often quickly.  The goal is to make a lasting impact on the fight, by flanking the enemy and killing key targets, or inflicting massive damage on an unsuspecting enemy.  Once you go down, having a spawn beacon will allow you to get back behind lines to resume the usual disruption you perform in the base.

Lets briefly go over a few of my favorite toys to pull as an infiltrator, and how they can be used:

The flash: You can check the guides section for how I certed and use my fury wraith.  While it is not quite as potent as it was earlier this year, I still find the flash, in the right circumstance, to be a potent farming tool in big battles.  The nice thing about the flash is it doesn’t require you to pull from behind enemy lines to reach the good flanking locations as the cloak will often let you get wherever you need.  It’s a lot less common on the battlefield these days, due to the double fury nerf plus the increase from 25 to 100 vehicle resources, but if you have one certed out, it can still be a nice option.

The Harasser:  I will pull out the harasser for solo farming in select fights as an infiltrator.  Composite armor is the only choice for a harasser right now, and unless I can manage to pull engineer, or find an engie buddy, the harasser will have some limited application.  I pull them in tech plants to camp the tunnels that infantry pour out of during fights, and in situations where I need more durability than a flash but still want to take out lots of infantry.  While the harasser is good for AV, it is not a good choice as a solo infiltrator due to the need to be stationary while firing and lack of repair.  Thus, I recommend marauder or fury for the harasser pull.

The lightning:  This can actually be a good choice – the lightning is designed to be a solo vehicle, and as such, can be used for flanking, harassment and mobility.  The two load outs I use are the viper + auto repair + fire suppression for anti infantry, and the AP + auto repair + stealth for sneaking up on enemy armor or sunderers.  I do have a sky guard setup, but if I want to harass enemy air, I usually find a phalanx turret.

The Prowler:  One of my favorite toys to bust out behind a big fight, the prowler has great siege utility.  I can pull behind lines and ninja kill a few MBT’s and take out key sunderers with an AP load out.  It makes for a decent anti-infantry platform with good aim and lockdown.  If I want, I can even go one hex/lattice deeper and find a distant hill to snipe tanks from behind.  An example would be the NC attacking crossroads watchtower with armor, coming from Xenotech labs.  I could go to regent rock, hack out a prowler and place it near the hills by xenotech.  This gives me a good look at the enemy armor, where I can anchor down and start back raging tanks.

These tactics also scale well with your squad.  Even if they aren’t all infiltrators (like I run with in BWC), once you hack out a terminal, you can drop a beacon and have them all come in to pull a ninja armor column.  Imagine what happens to the enemy when 12 AP prowlers come baring down on them from behind!  Try volunteering to do this for your squad leader next time the opportunity arises and see what happens!

There’s much more I could write about this subject, but the most important thing is to be creative.  Figure out where the enemy is and where they are vulnerable, and see if you have a vehicle load out that could take advantage of that weakness.  Be quick and decisive, and watch the tide of battle shift as you destroy key sundies, farm infantry and force the enemy to worry about their six, as well as their twelve.  I hope this post has stirred the creative juices in your devious mind, and inspires you to be a huge thorn in the side of your enemy 🙂

Stay Frosty,



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