Visiting on Waterson (VS)

Feeling the need to spread my wings, I decided this week to roll a VS alt on Waterson, under the name MustardeVS (original I know).  I’ve played on Waterson a few times, under various characters that I deleted after a bit.  After reading about the TR overpop issues they have there, I felt that it would be fun to try VS, which appears to be less represented there.

I spent a few hours there yesterday and managed to put a dent in the leader board:

It’s nothing too impressive, I played for over 6 hours and had just over half the kills that edynz, a fellow VS SMG infiltrator had.  I definitely felt the pain of not having my character certed out – from low level recon darts, to my cloak recharging slowly, to being without a proper SMG… I actually saved my first 250 certs to buy the Artemis, just so I would have something to use besides a sniper rifle.

It’s kind of refreshing to start at the bottom again – I sympathize with other new players who enter this game only to leave the spawn room and die spectacularly from random explosions, max units or swarms of BR100s who all use the TAR or the Marauder (hint hint 🙂 ).  At the same time, my experience in the game allowed me to hop in and quickly hit a groove.  Since I’m basically solo pubbing on the server, I am not held down by an outfit that is heading to a specific objective or fight… I can go wherever the good kills or certs are.  By the same token, I do not benefit from good medics or support.  And the average waterson VS zerg is… well… I was less than impressed.  Very few medics, I had to BEG engineers to drop ammo (whereas on Mattherson I’m used to finding ammo boxes everywhere) and even a few very rude players who Tk’d me near a sunderer (accidentally) and didn’t have the courtesy to swap medic and pick me up.  When confronted, they told me not to walk in front of their rocket launcher, stfu and then blocked me.  Perhaps I don’t solo pub enough on Mattherson and it is that bad as well (although I never remember that from my first 6 months as a solo pub in this game)… either way I was a little surprised.

Playing VS is a very similar experience to TR in terms of infiltrator.  I do love the no-drop attribute of the semi auto sniper rifles… it allows one to use the spectre at very long ranges with great results.  The bolt actions are reskinned clones of the TR flavor, so I bought the XM98 and have been doing just fine with it.  The Artemis, once I put a suppressor on, sounds AMAZING.  It’s SO QUIET, I can barely tell when I’m firing.  It makes for a great ambushing weapon, and I am having fun with it… although I constantly am in fights where the sirius would be a better choice.  I would love for the SOAS-20 to share a similar audio pattern to the Artemis.  It would make it feel like a more “infiltrator” style of weapon, since we already deal with lackluster damage output.


Overall, it’s fun to roll a new faction on a different server.  You meet different players and experience different styles of gameplay.  I’ve run into NUC a few times now, and am very impressed with their level of organization.  It’s also fun getting so many BR100’s on your killboard 🙂  But in all honesty, they are great players who work well together, and it’s something I wish I saw more of on Mattherson (DA is similar in nature).  It also makes me wish BWC could use a similar formula for success, even if aren’t quite as “elite”.  I’ve run into Sinist a few times too, he’s quite deadly with the jaguar 🙂


Anyways, that’s all I want to say about waterson for now.  I will enjoy visiting there from time to time, I do hope to cert up the SMG soon so I can properly function as both a sniper and base infiltrator.  I see no need to upgrade beyond the XM98, and I rather like the ROF characteristics (just as the M77B).  Mattherson will always be my home though.


2 thoughts on “Visiting on Waterson (VS)

  1. It was good to see/chat with you on Waterson! I remember watching the kill feed once and just seeing you kill like 3 NUC guys in a row. I agree about bad medics/ engies, it gets really annoying when no one wants to revive my MAX, etc.

  2. Hit me up anytime you want to squad – beacon buddies are always welcome!

    While I can always pick off a few NUC here and there, one sniper can’t really dent their fortified positions. So I’m mostly there to challenge my twitch sniping against accurate shooters with good situational awareness. If we push them off a point though, it’s probably not because of me 🙂

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