My first megathread

Within 24hrs of posting a video demonstrating 21 headshots in which 10 did not kill because of NW armor, my thread had become one of the most discussed and read topics on the PS2 forums this week.  I knew it was a controversial subject as infiltrators have strong feelings about NW, while many players love to hate snipers and take joy in seeing our weapons fail to perform.  Still going strong at 26 pages, the discussion has gone from vibrant to trolltastic and back to constructive.



Not surprisingly, it was also posted to Reddit and downvoted off the front page within 4 hours 🙂  While I do think Reddit has a great format for internet discussion, it’s too bad that something controversial gets glossed over so quickly, when people clearly have something to say about the subject.

I know SOE has a lot to do still with optimization, and then the ESF update – before getting to the infiltrator update.  I hope to see some response from them regarding infiltrator weapons balance during this update, as I think BASR’s underperform due to NW and scout rifles still are lacking (I would like to see better recoil from them).  The semi-autos could be slightly tuned for recoil as well, although I don’t want to pretend that we would see an across the board buff to all of our infil weapons.


Here’s the video I made, in case you never saw the thread.



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