The Pistol Challenge

This weekend saw the final kill for my underboss auraxium, and with it, the completion of my quest to medal all the pistols available to the TR.



I’m working on a more comprehensive guide to sidearms which will get published on my blog soon.  I know there are a few others who have beat me to this milestone, and I’d love to have you post here with your pic so I can compile and recognize those who are experts with the sidearm.


Anecdotally, my favorite pistol is the TX2 emperor, for its versatility at close and medium range.  The worst of all these was the TS2 inquisitor (by far).  The underboss was surprisingly nice to use.  I had put it down after 300 kills because it was just inferior to the commissioner, but it felt much better in my hands the second time around (after the ROF had been buffed).


Just like with the Infiltrator Challenge, I do these not just because I’m a medal junkie, but because it forces me to learn new weapons and styles of engagement.  It makes me a better overall and well rounded player (at least, within the realm of Infiltrator in my case).


While I could have gotten here faster, in general I used these weapons only when I needed to (which admittedly is often as an infiltrator).  I stuck with my primary weapon for most kills, and didn’t artificially work to complete the challenge.


Any others who have completed the challenge?  Post and share your thoughts on the weapons!


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