September Wrapup

Since having a new baby at home, I’ve definitely felt the video game crunch that all new fathers have in this modern age.  It’s quite the transition and while I am loving it, I have dropped my game time and extra-curricular game related efforts (youtube/blog/form whoring) significantly.  That being said, I have had a few little projects going that will start showing fruits soon.  One is a comprehensive TR sidearm guide – I am about 200 kills away from auraxium with the Underboss, the last remaining pistol for me to aurax.  I wanted to celebrate with a guide similar to the TR Infiltrator weapons guide I wrote in February.  Speaking of that guide, I was planning to update that too, although I kind of wanted to wait for the infil update (back when it was supposed to happen in July!)  As it stands, that update may not happen until Nov/Dec or later, so I may just redo the guide sooner.


I haven’t made any videos in a while, and am starting to gather material for a montage.  I have always tried to make them themed a little differently from the other infil montages out there, by highlighting squad infil play, unconventional styles such as pistol/knife or aggressive close-range sniping.  I am a little short on ideas so if anyone can think of an entertaining and unique approach to an infil montage I’d love to hear it!


BWC is going strong as always.  I’ve been in the outfit for over 5 months now – it was such a good decision to make the move over to a stable and thriving outfit.  The level of teamwork and camaraderie is exactly what had been missing from my previous outfits and lone wolf style of play prior to joining.  We do operations twice a week and I spend as much time as I can joining our squads to go kill things.  I love how we are constantly trying to improve as an outfit and remain competitive on the server (where many other innovative outfits are constantly pushing the meta game).


PS2 as a whole is in a bit of a lull – I think many of us agree that optimization is the bitter pill required to cure the illness that is poor player retention and suboptimal experience in big fights.  That doesn’t mean it is pleasant to see the ESF and infil updates just around the corner, yet so far away.  As always, I stay focused on the positives and keep trying to improve my gameplay.


After getting auraxium on the 3 SMG’s (finished the hailstorm 6 weeks ago or so), I have finally been able to settle into using the Armistice full-time.  Oh do I love it so much.  I am one of those players who doesn’t often SMG infil as I love sniping and am much better at it than other shooting styles.  However, the high DPS of this weapon allows me to rack up high kill counts in short order.  I have probably gotten over 1200 kills with it this month alone!  The Hailstorm was just too weak to justify the large magazine, and the PDW is a niche weapon that got me killed too often by engaging HA’s at close range.


While I still love the improved Nano-Armor cloak, I definitely believe it is not a one-size fits all cloak.  I use it with the SMG to run and gun, and escape from nasty situations, and it works great in that role.  However, more than a few times I have gotten stuck in an open space or in a prolonged fight with a dry cloak – I am pretty sure it has saved my life more than cost me one, but I still have to get used to the timings.  The hunter cloak is just much more forgiving with the quicker recharge.


After watching a few videos showing impressive use of grenade bandolier + frags, I have started trying it out.  I’ve yet to clear entire squads with my ‘nades but I am hoping to one of these days 🙂  Not sure if I want to run this more often or not though – nanoweave is still my go-to for my short-mid range sniper build and it’s hard to put down.


That’s all for today.  I look forward to posting the sidearm guide in a week or two, once I get those last 200 underboss kills!  Until then,


Stay Frosty!


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