The TS2 Inquisitor (my Auraxium quest)

First off, the screenshot. I could be mistaken (please correct if so) but I may be the first to aurax this pistol

Two months ago, SOE released a round of empire specific pistols. The TR were given the inquisitor, a pistol with a default extended magazine of 30, damage of 143@10m to 91@60m and a ROF of 531rpm. Personally I was disappointed as I was hoping for a higher damage weapon like the cerberus or rebel that could fit a suppressor (I play infiltrator and have always been jealous of the Rebel). However, being the medal junkie I am, I had to get it, try it out and use it until I finally achieved auraxium. It was by far, the most painful chore of a pistol I have used.

The stats sound great on paper. Afterall, 30 rounds for a pistol? High rate of fire with pretty solid damage and muzzle velocity? As always, what looks good on paper often doesn’t translate into good live performance.

My critiques and impression:
1. There is a difference between the actual and theoretical damage output. In order to reach 531 rounds per minute, you literally have to spam the LMB until your fingers go numb. This rapid clicking, while some people may be able to do it well, had a negative affect on my accuracy, especially on targets running away or moving. By the end I had gotten used to it, but it was still a constant frustration.

2. Very weak in close range encounters. Compared to the repeater which is a bullet hose of a pistol, or the revolvers, the inquisitor simply falls short. Very short. If I want to pistol+knife someone, I need about 4-5 shots before I can get the kill. As you can imagine, it takes someone with poor reflexes to actually succumb to that combo with the Inquisitor. The repeater only requires two relatively accurate bursts, and the emperor only needs 3-4 shots. The revolvers vary between 1-2 depending on nanoweave.

3. The supposed benefit of having 30 rounds in the magazine is sustained fire and engagement. There are two issues here. The first, is that sustained fire WITH A PISTOL is a very bad idea. You should pull out the sidearm to quickly finish wounded targets, or for sneaking up to pistol+knife them. The longer you are exposed and vulnerable, with a dinky pea shooter, the more likely you are to be flanked and easily killed. Furthermore, I rarely emptied the massive magazine, either killing the target or reloading behind cover. I could achieve the same style of combat with the TX2 Emperor, rarely saying to myself “Gee I wish I had 9 more bullets before I had to reload over 2 seconds!”.

4. Positives: I like the iron sights with the TS2 a lot, and wish they would use the same irons on the TX1 and TX2. It allowed me to ADS and get a few decent mid-range kills. Over time, you become used to the LMB spam and the # of shots needed to kill a target which makes it less frustrating. Otherwise, I think this pistol is inferior to the TX2, while attempting to use the same style of pistol gameplay (single shot with relatively high ROF).

So how did I manage to get the auraxium medal in-spite of all these shortcomings? Well, for starters, I am a sniper. When someone gets close, the sidearm comes out naturally and it gets more use from me than people who use other classes. As I started to get close to the medal, I began to use the pistol more often, getting body shots with the sniper rifle (intentionally) and then finishing with the pistol. I would occasionally knife the oblivious target first, then pistol him down (a bad practice generally). Basically, I changed my playstyle to increase the times I landed the final shot with the pistol. Rarely, did I take a target down from 100% to dead with this gun.

My recommendation: This pistol is not necessarily “imbalanced” and I’m not asking for a buff. I would suggest that the TX2 Emperor is a better choice for the TR who want this style of pistol. Overall, the sidearms are pretty well balanced, and offer a nice variety of choices, from the repeater to the revolvers. Now that I have aurax’d this thing, it will go on the shelf and never be used again. I would discourage new players from investing in this weapon with the false hope that 30 round mags and 531 rpm would translate into better performance.

TLDR: do not buy

Thank you for reading, and I welcome any comments from other inquisitor users.

Here’s a link from the DA stats page. It only covers connery, waterson and mattherson, which is why I am not sure if I am the first to aurax this weapon or not.


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