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Sorry for the low frequency of posting – I have been busy both in and out of game lately. Here’s a little roundup of things going on for me –

Auraxium medals: Part of my OCD requires me to get the auraxium for every weapon I use as an infiltrator. This includes primary, secondary and utility items. One obvious weapon on my list that I had put off for a long time was the Hailstorm SMG. I wrote a review of SMG’s a few months ago in which I came out in favor of the Armistice. That opinion remains unchanged, as I find the higher DPS to be more valuable to me than extra rounds in the magazine. I hated using the hailstorm and today I grinded out the last few hundred kills needed to cross it off the list, forever.

I had gotten the NS-7 PDW not too long ago and also did not find that the range made the decreased damage worthwhile. Even with good aim, you just lose too many 1v1’s as an infiltrator with the lower damage SMG’s.

I suspect that is also because I run with ASC and need the high damage to win 1v1’s. Perhaps using nanoweave would allow me to enjoy these other SMG’s and not lose as many fights. I’m still loving the NAC + ASC combo, it has been a lot of fun since they were buffed.

I’m still working on the inquisitor auraxium. It’s not a terrible pistol but I’d still rather have higher damage and lower ROF such as the Emperor.

BWC is active as ever – Reaper has added a few members in the last few weeks and our training and weekly ops are pretty steady. Nothing is quite as relaxing as coming home from work, logging in and joining a squad of pure infiltrators to go rain bullets on bad guys. The guys in the outfit love having our squad active and we generate more hate tells than any other Task Force in BWC.

A lot of talk has been generated over the forums regarding nanoweave armor. I continue to have strong feelings about the negative effects of NW on snipers in particular. A lot of players hate snipers and don’t care about what NW does to BASR’s, but I continue to believe that we are a valuable and interesting class to have in the game. I still hope that SOE will make some adjustments to rebalance our sniper rifles to stay competitive in the game.

SOE announced that they were going to focus on optimization of the game before adding new content. While I am happy with this decision, I was disappointed as I think about what this will do to the infiltrator update. I will remain patient, as the class is not nearly as broken as it was upon release, and I want SOE to keep making the game better.

BWC has been participating in scrims vs. other outfits lately – the very public match vs. DasAnFall [DA] in the ReachCast Community Clash, and this past Saturday vs. NoNonsenseGamers [NNG]. We lost to DA, and narrowly won to NNG. It’s a completely different game in these small scenarios, and I’m still learning the best way to use infiltrator when you are not in the live server environment. One essential function we provide is recon darts, and my teammates are constantly in need of darts before breaching or holding off an attack. Some maps have no use for sniping, others are great for it. As we get ready for competitive play, I’m finding that a whole new way of thinking about Planetside and the Infiltrator is opening itself up to me.

Well that’s all for now, sorry I don’t have anything more than a ramble, but I will try to get some solid writing done later this week.

Till then, stay Frosty



One thought on “Blog Update

  1. Good post!

    I definitely agree with preferring the Armistice over the Hailstorm. I feel the Armistice is a lot more versatile in all kinds of situations. It allows for a more hit and run kind of playstyle. The Hailstorm might be good in combination with EMP grenades to clear out a single room. You’d be able to take down a lot more targets without having to reload. But that’s about the only situation I can see myself using the Hailstorm.

    I’m not a big fan of the NS-7 PDW. I found myself having to be a lot more careful when engaging enemies and I didn’t feel so comfortable/confident with the gun as I am with the Armistice. I haven’t tried out ASC yet but I am loving NAC. I barely use Hunter Cloak anymore, only on my BASR loadout.

    Speaking of Auraxium medals, you got the Frag Grenade one yet ;D?

    You’re lucky to be in an outfit that appreciates the Infiltrator class. I seem to be the only dedicated Infil in mine and a lot of my members look down upon the class. Some of the more colourful terms that get thrown a lot are “Cloaky wanker” & “Bitchfiltrator”. And that’s just from within my own outfit, hah. I can only dream of an Infil-Only squad. Quite jealous of that :p.

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