Featured on ReachCast this week!

I’ve been a long-time listener of the fan-run podcast, “Reachcast”.  It is a weekly, hour long show, entirely focused on discussing planetside 2.  The three hosts, “Noxx”, “Deringer” and “Torkz” have been hosting it since beta.  They initially started on the Waterson server with the outfit Imperial Reach [IR] and now they do a lot of visiting with outfits across all servers.  Each host has gravitated towards a different faction so every one gets well represented.  I love listening, especially while commuting to work.  They are by far, the best and most established PS2 podcast.

For the last month I have been meeting up with Torkz for a few infiltrator training sessions, as he was looking to step up his game.   As a thank-you for helping him out, I was invited to guest-host their “University” segment this week to discuss the infiltrator class.

I’ve never been much for publicity (outside of making sniper videos) but hearing my own voice on my favorite podcast was a bit of a nerd moment for me today.  If you want to listen to the guest spot, check it out here!
http://reachcastshow.com/planetside-2/podcast/episode-44  If you want, skip to ~ 49:30 for my part.

And if you’ve never heard of their show and spend time driving to work, you may want to consider throwing their episodes on your phone and checking them out!  When I first started listening in December, I enjoyed it so much I went back to their beta recordings and went all the way through.

I’ll be posting my second part analysis of GU13 soon as well – I have found a few important things for infiltrators in the notes and look forward to breaking that down with you all soon!



One thought on “Featured on ReachCast this week!

  1. Thanks for recording that guest spot for us Mustarrrrrrrrrrrde. We really appreciated it and I rather enjoyed listening to someone who clearly knows their role in game. I rarely play Sniper, save for when I want to pad my K/D on easy targets, but listening back a second time, heard some tips that make me want to play Infiltrator some more. I’m also interested in seeing where SOE is headed with the Infiltrator class. They used to be so much more in PS1, that I feel they have some hidden potential that will be unlocked in a future GU.

    Thanks for listening too. I also get the “nerd moment” part, I felt the same way reading your praise for us here. LOL!


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