New videos!

I’ve been spending my spare time working on videos rather than blogging – sorry for the lack of posts.  

Things have been going great with Task Force Reaper in BWC.  My team has been getting better and better with each operation, and each week.  I seriously look forward to each and every night that we get to play together (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).  Here’s a video from some of last weeks ops that I posted yesterday to various forums and social media.

Task Force Reaper is the infiltrator unit within the Black Widow Company, a TR outfit on Mattherson.  None of the footage is scripted material, all recorded from the game during operations on Indar.  The things we do are what you see in the video – hack and pulls, base prep, combat sniping, disruption behind enemy lines.  This is the power of combined arms.  This is BWC.



The next video was my first attempt using Sony Vegas for editing.  It was a pretty wicked tower run, although I noticed during editing that there were tons of low BR players.  I finally learned how to add a kill counter graphic, which was nice.  


Expect a GU13 commentary once I have a chance to play in-game and process how all the changes have affected infiltrators.  I will be getting the new pistol and SMG, and will add my impressions to that as well 🙂

Patching now… just waiting for the servers to go live!


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