Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles and you

The subject of SASR’s have been coming up more and more lately, on these threads and in conversations I’ve had with other infiltrators. A long time ago, I went through the brutal task of getting the auraxium medal for the SOAS-20, HSR-1, 99SV and KSR-35. Yes, the SOAS-20 pre-buff. It was a very difficult time, and yet, I became a better player for learning how to use all the weapons in our arsenal.

Let me cut to the chase and share my thoughts on SASR’s and why they will remain a niche weapon group.

1. You make yourself more vulnerable to get a kill.

With a bolt action, you can decloak – fire one shot – cloak and move. I can slip headshots on targets in the middle of a hot mess and then reposition. With a SASR, even if you are accurate – you must decloak – scope up – ping, ping (and sometimes 3 more pings!) – scope down and cloak. The time that you are scoped up and trying to kill a target simply is longer than with a BASR. And you can’t really move around while ADS, or your accuracy will suffer greatly. I forced myself to go several sessions with just the 99SV and KSR-35 recently and kept getting killed from the side or behind while scoped. Let me be clear, this doesn’t mean I’m complaining or saying we need a change. It’s just a reality of the weapon class – you will ALWAYS be more vulnerable than when using other sniper rifles or smg.

2. You are not stealth. Even with a suppressor.

Firing multiple non-lethal shots down range have several effects on your ability to infiltrate – mainly that you lose control over your stealth. The sound of a SASR firing repeatedly (even suppressed) will draw attention rapidly. I will say that I like the sound of the suppressed KSR-35 (sounds like a SR-7), but the 99SV suppressed is horrid (sounds like the M77-B suppressed). Furthermore, when using a SASR, you give targets a chance to take cover, heal and hunt you down. Yes, you will kill people, but SOME of them will escape, and know exactly where you came from.

3. Scope sway on a weapon that requires multiple accurate shots

I believe that scope sway is a mechanic designed to balance OHK BASR’s – and i’m fine with that. But having sway on SASR’s that require numerous rounds to connect is ludicrous. I know SOE threw sway on all 6x scope weapons… but I do believe that if you want infiltrators to use these weapons and actually have superior performance at long range, scope sway needs to go for SASR’s. As it stands now, you need to get two consecutive headshots in a single breath to reliably and safely kill a target. Which means a stationary target. Which means WHY NOT USE A BOLT ACTION??? Don’t even get me started on scope sway with the KSR-35… a 2x semi auto rifle that sways…

With all of these points above (I’m sure there are others that I simply left out), you now have a class of weapons that put you at medium range (i.e. lethal distance of other classes), unstealthed, vulnerable to flanking and with scope wobble. These downsides will keep SASR’s as a niche weapon class. Bolt actions do a superior job in the aspects that matter – stealth, short vulnerablility and single shot kills. They also work better at range (I’ve slapped a 10x scope on the 99SV and tried to use it at 200m. It’s hilarious. It’s bad.)

“So Mustarde, what is this niche you speak of? All these negatives you mention… what about the positive???”

I’m glad you asked! SASR’s are great for open field combat. When you are with a squad, platoon or just zerging it with friendly forces. They are highly effective when you are engaging infantry that are spawning from a position and running to an objective over open ground. You can drop moving targets more consistently with the SASR. If someone is oblivious and standing still, two quick taps to the head will dispatch them and it is not very hard to do – thus you can still serve some function that the BASR fills well. If you have allies by your side, the vulnerability is not as severe – although you WILL get countersniped by infiltrators using BASR’s quite handily. Like I said, you can’t really strafe while scoped without sacrificing accuracy.

I recommend pulling out a SASR for those open combat situations where you can’t find stationary targets. When you are with a squad and have backup. Or if you are attempting to complete the infiltrator challenge and get auraxium for all the sniper rifles 🙂 The rest of the time, I find BASR’s or the SOAS-20/SMG superior.

Also, I favor the 99SV over the KSR-35 by a large margin. All the downsides I mentioned compound when you use short range scopes and get up close. The only time I did well with the KSR-35 was in biolabs, hiding up in the trees with a suppressor. Even then, I’d have gotten 20 more kills with a BASR.

I’m working on some video footage of these rifles – It’s taking some time so be patient but I’ll post it once I’m happy with what I’ve recorded.

Please – don’t misinterpret this as a rant, whine or call for a buff. This is an analysis, based on my own extensive experience with the weapons. I don’t want SOE to change anything here. I am tired of people telling me to pull out a SASR instead of complaining about BASR’s and nanoweave – because the difference between those two classes of weapons is HUGE and the idiots giving me that advice have no idea what they are really suggesting. Also, I know that some of you do really well with SASRs. I actually had a nice 7-8 KDR going with the 99SV the other night. You can make it work. That doesn’t change the facts that I shared above. Just find the right circumstances to use these guns and you’ll do alright.

That’s all for now.



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