July update

Sorry for the slowdown in posting.  New responsibilities at work keep me busy, and the most recent double XP weekend had my utilizing free-time to grind out certs rather than blog!  I hope that you all enjoyed the boatload of cert points and made the most out of it… I know I did!

So, what am I working on or planning for PS2 and this blog?  Well, a few months ago, I wrote a detailed guide to every TR infiltrator weapon.  I am planning to update it (I never got around to updating after all the scout rifles were buffed in GU05) and make a few revisions to original statements.  The flash guide needs a bit of tuning, although I will wait until the fury nerf goes through first.  I also really want to organize my guides more and make a seperate menu that you guys can browse to read through all of them.

I have some cool ideas for videos including one that has been on the backburner for a bit.  I don’t want to spoil it too much, except to say this: infiltrator duels.  It’s taking me a long time to get the footage I want but once I do, it should be epic 🙂

I’ve seen some good videos and discussions on the semi-auto sniper rifles and the scout rifles on the infiltrator board.  While I probably have more experience with those weapons than all of the people posting there (auraxium medal for all of them), it has been a long time since I have made an honest attempt to use them.  After the infiltrator challenge, I may have promised myself I’d never use the KSR-35 again, and up until now that was an easy promise to keep.  I might have to break it now!  I think I will dedicate the next week or so to re-exploring these weapons and collecting some good gameplay footage.

Gripes: there are a few things that have been eating away at me that I am afraid aren’t getting addressed with the infiltrator update in August or September.  These are familiar and longstanding problems that none of you should be surprised to see me gripe about, but here we go.

-Nanoweave: imbalanced vs. BASRs
-Occupied turret hacking: there are workarounds, but that does not justify the bug (which is inconsistent)
-Server lag making cloaking/decloaking and shooting nearly impossible (I have started playing MAX during laggy sessions)
-Decloaking while reloading: the cloak overall is buggy, but this specifically happens often when I use SMG’s and want to cloak and reload while running away
-Infiltrator IFF cloak glow: Terrible.  God awful.  I am getting gunned down so freely within enemy territory.  This one makes me angry
-Double nerf on flash fury:  Big ammo nerf in Gu11.  I was fine with this.  Right now there are nerfs on the PTS, that if they go live on top of the GU11 nerf… will just completely squash this platform.  The other day I pulled out the kobalt to give it a spin and was completely disappointed… again.  I fear that the wraith flash (with its 100 resource cost) is going to go back to collecting dust.
-Radar:  It’s everywhere, all the time.  Radar flashes, ESF’s, etc.  And with the infil update, continuous radar.  And no prospect for a suit slot to be immune to radar on the horizon.  This makes me sad, and is killing the CQC infiltrator profession.

Phew, that was a lot.  I know there are more things out there but this stuff has been bugging me a lot.  I still love infiltrator, and hate how I feel playing other classes.  But of all these gripes, exactly 0% of then are being addressed by SOE with the update.  And there are very few, if any, dedicated infiltrators that aren’t being held back by this as well.  We all keep crying out for fixing these issues.  It keeps falling on deaf ears.

But don’t worry – we will get a crossbow and a robot drone next month! 


Keep your chins up, and stay frosty,



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