GU13 Reflections (part 2)

So over the weekend I started blogging away about GU13, and ended up saying a fair bit about the new weapons.  I could have kept going, but even I have a hard time reading that much text, especially when I could be out there shooting people in the head!  So here’s the rest of my GU13 breakdown, focused on things that affect infiltrators.

IFF reticule: Does not activate over cloaked infiltrators.  Phew!  This may cause you to get spotted when sniping from a bush… but it will be near impossible to prove as I often get found sniping from bushes after a few shots, regardless of this reticule change.  I don’t generally like the direction SOE is taking with the IFF mechanics (cloak, and now the reticule).  I hope the stop soon, but this particular change is rather benign.

Pistol adjustments:  Most of the sidearms were buffed slightly for range, reload speed.  They made some nice improvements to my TX2 Emperor, and I can’t wait to start using it again, once I auraxium the Inquisitor.  Sidearms remain a very personal choice and I think the selection currently is quite balanced and diverse.

Cloak shader changes: “The low graphic settings cloak is now less grey and more transparent.”  This has caused some tears from low graphics users on the forums.  I feel SOE is stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one.  For months now, we have had very good players with excellent computers running low graphics just to counter infiltrators, due to how easy it is to see the casper cloak.  I found this change to be very welcome, as it directly harms our ability to infiltrate and makes us easy prey.  On the other hand, I feel for the players who need to run this game on low settings, and feel that they cannot see infiltrators at all.  I haven’t turned my game settings down to test this yet, I really should.  But I have heard from a few players that they really can’t see us.  I personally think that if SOE had to chose between two evils, they made the right call with making us harder to see.  We still have to decloak to fire, and we show up on the minimap now with prox and scout radar, as well as recon darts (will discuss soon!).  But I admit to having a pretty strong bias and I won’t be making any bold statements to the community about this subject because of that.

Advance Shield Capacitor suit:  Buffed nicely, so at max level, your shield now recharges after 6 seconds, instead of 7.5s.  It also happens to be fairly cheap, cert-wise, so I maxed it out and started thinking about how to use it.  I will probably consider writing a separate post about this suit slot, but based on my own theorycrafting as well as some gameplay with the suit, I think this is a good choice for the SMG/CQC style of infiltrator.  You do become vulnerable to mines again (I used to run flak for this role), but the benefit is that we can play much more aggressively, and get back into the fight sooner.  With a 4 second advantage over the enemy, you can trade fire, recharge, and go back in to finish them well before they will be back up.  I really like this because when I take damage, my usual response is to cloak up and run, staying cloaked until 10s has passed so I can decloak and immediately start recharging.  You can really feel the difference using a maxed out ASC.

Mines:  Interesting balance choices here, of which I mostly agree with.  Mines should now kill nanoweave users.  This is a welcome balance, as I felt NW was just too good, protecting from headshots, increasing survivability in small arms fire, and able to survive a mine.  No more!  They also added a sound and animation for detonation, which appear to give you just a fraction of a second warning to move away – but every time I have hit a mine, I end up going down (without flak).  So the warning sound doesn’t really make it easier to avoid them.  The claymore was buffed to have a higher minimum damage at 6m of 350, over the prox/BB damage of 200 at 6m.  I still find the design of these mines completely imbalanced, but I stopped using claymores in a serious capacity a long time ago.  They are spotted and disabled about 60-70% of the time, no matter how sneaky my placement is.  Overall, a good chance to mines though.

One change not in the patch notes, but I’m pretty sure had been mentioned before and definitely has made it to live is that it is easier to spot through the scope now.  This is nice because I often would unscope just to spot a target so the rest of the squad could focus fire.  Glad that got tweaked.

Radar Changes (BIG): Scout radar requires you to be in the vehicle (aka, flash or ESF).  It now shows cloaked infiltrators.  Prox radar updates every 1/2 second, requires you to be in vehicle, but shows cloaked infiltrators.  It also now shows this information to everyone in your faction, not just the users of the vehicle.

This is a large change and one that is bittersweet.  Overall, it benefits the infiltrator because of the following: No more scout flashes!  Or better put – they are not drop and forget wall hack EZmode.  I can’t tell you how many times these flashes created problems for me during base assaults.  People would pull them just to find me, and there was nothing I could do to stop them.  The other way this benefits the infiltrator is by making us more needed on the battlefield to provide intel for our allies.  So max out those darts!

The downside is that we are now visible to all radar, even when cloaked.  I personally find this to be STUPID.  We are supposed to be a stealth class, yet we have literally ZERO ways to counter radar.  Even against other infiltrators, we cannot use our cloak to reliably evade a smart enemy.  I have abused this quite a bit to hunt down other very good infiltrators, knowing that it doesn’t matter what they do with their cloak, I just follow the red dot on my minimap.  I know SOE had scheduled implants to go live with these changes, just another frustration for me since I feel we really need a suit slot to provide the “sensor shield”.  Currently we are in a bad place with regards to radar, that has increased power against us while we do not have the counter that was supposed to go live with implants (albeit I thought they made some bad calls with implants, as you may recall from my post in ImplantGate).  Overall though, while bitersweet, we came out on top of the radar changes.

Last but not least… Esamir.  So much has already been said about Esamir, I don’t really feel the need to rehash it completely.  I do think the walls are excessive, and they limit infantry just as much as they protect from tanks.  Being in a gerbil maze, corralled from one area to another, just allows for players to spam their weapons and farm choke points.  The walls also can limit sniper gameplay, depending on the base.  However, I found plenty of bases with nice elevation features that allow for plenty of sniping.  The terrain variety also make it safer to snipe, compared to standing in the middle of a vast white snow field with not a rock in sight.  I have had some great fights here over the past week, and overall think that they made a great redesign – the place essentially is a new continent.  I would like to see some tweaks to the wall design, and I hope that they don’t go to EVERY continent and slap walls around it.  For example, I’d rather that Amerish stay relatively unchanged but just get lattice’d.  It’s already hostile for vehicles, and I don’t think players need any more protection than they already do.

As I said before, GU13 is one of the best updates to the game that I have seen.  A ton of work went into it, and it is evident that SOE is committed to keeping this product going for the long haul.  The danger with making so many changes is that you can hurt or take away gameplay that players currently enjoy.  We saw this with the air game, which became so hostile after early game updates that only the best pilots in the game were able to survive up there – this lasted for over 6 months.  It is only now becoming more balanced, to the point where medicore pilots can get in the air and have fun without just lolpodding.  I encourage SOE to keep working on the game, but I also hope that they are careful in minimizing the collateral damage such changes can have.  The reason I like this GU so much is that I think it was minimal in its harm to the players, while giving us new weapons, new content and fresh features.  The same could not be said of the max update (ZOE cough cough) for example.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and see you on the battlefield!



Featured on ReachCast this week!

I’ve been a long-time listener of the fan-run podcast, “Reachcast”.  It is a weekly, hour long show, entirely focused on discussing planetside 2.  The three hosts, “Noxx”, “Deringer” and “Torkz” have been hosting it since beta.  They initially started on the Waterson server with the outfit Imperial Reach [IR] and now they do a lot of visiting with outfits across all servers.  Each host has gravitated towards a different faction so every one gets well represented.  I love listening, especially while commuting to work.  They are by far, the best and most established PS2 podcast.

For the last month I have been meeting up with Torkz for a few infiltrator training sessions, as he was looking to step up his game.   As a thank-you for helping him out, I was invited to guest-host their “University” segment this week to discuss the infiltrator class.

I’ve never been much for publicity (outside of making sniper videos) but hearing my own voice on my favorite podcast was a bit of a nerd moment for me today.  If you want to listen to the guest spot, check it out here!  If you want, skip to ~ 49:30 for my part.

And if you’ve never heard of their show and spend time driving to work, you may want to consider throwing their episodes on your phone and checking them out!  When I first started listening in December, I enjoyed it so much I went back to their beta recordings and went all the way through.

I’ll be posting my second part analysis of GU13 soon as well – I have found a few important things for infiltrators in the notes and look forward to breaking that down with you all soon!


GU13 – Reflections (part 1)

I never like to write my thoughts on changes to the game until I’ve had a few days to let things settle and adjust.  This update is no exception, as my thoughts on day 1 would have been drastically different from now.

Overall:  I think this is one of SOE’s best updates to the game.  The new Esamir is mostly a success and I love playing there (I’ll say more about that later).  The new weapons feel balanced and fit the “sidegrade” philosophy of the game.  Infiltrators got a little love, but also took a hit with regards to cloaking. I think I gained a few frames-per-second too, always a welcome improvement.  I think that SOE should be proud of this update, and I hope they continue to make smart changes to the game without disrupting core gameplay.

I’m going to go through the patch notes and pull out a few details that I found interesting or relevant to infiltrators.

New Weapons:  I’m not going to be able to give you the definitive guide on the new weapons.  I did buy both the NS-7 PDW and TS2 Inquisitor however, and I do have some thoughts on them.

NS-7 PDW:  I hated this thing at first.  I looked at the stats, I knew that it had less DPS close range than the Armistice/Hailstorm, and that I would need to be at longer ranges.  But even with the numbers knowledge, it took me a few days to really dial in on how to get the most out of this weapon.  As of last night, I’m finally mowing people down and getting comfortable with the feel of it.  It’s a great option to extend the engagement range of a CQC/Base prep infiltrator build.

The key to this SMG is remembering it’s strengths.  The max damage lasts out to 15m, and the best-in-class recenter speed allow for accurate bursts.  I started having more success by flanking enemies but staying at a bit of a distance, ADS-ing with forward grip.  With the NS-7, I say aim for the head, you will get a lot of head shots with it and that will make up for the lackluster damage output.  The same principles of infiltrator SMG combat still apply – don’t be Rambo, don’t try to engage 3-4 targets at once.  Use darts, flank targets and try to pick them off one at a time.  Always use cover and terrain to control the engagement.

The hardest thing about the NS-7 is that by staying further out,  you enter the domain of optimal range for carbines, LMG’s, AR’s, etc.  This was my initial struggle with the weapon, and when faced against someone returning fire, you will find that hipfire accuracy of the SMG will come into play.  Instead of ADS-ing and losing to a superior weapon, stay at the hip, lay down fire while moving to cover.  Often times you will get the kill, or at least stay mobile while the enemy misses you.

As far as attachments go, I’m still experimenting.  I bought almost everything for it, and have tried forward grip/compensator, flash suppressors, and the regular suppressor.  Extended mags, advance laser sight, soft point… so many choices!  Right now, due to my play style and the fact that reloading mid-fight often means death, I have settled on extended mags.  I really wanted to not use a suppressor (in theory this weapon shines in mid range, which the suppressor heavily penalizes) yet as soon as I started using it, I found myself able to rack up impressive killstreaks, presumably from staying off the minimap.  Soft point ammo makes a smaller impact, so I don’t know how I feel about it yet.  So right now, it’s 1x reflex, suppressor, extended mag, no soft point.  It’s working for me, and that’s all I can say about attachments now.

TS2 Inquisitor:  Default extended magazine, high rate of fire?  Yes please!  I thought I would absolutely love this sidearm – however it has the unfortunate circumstance of having to live up to my favorite sidearm, the TX2 Emperor.  A side by side comparison shows that the TS2 has less damage, but higher rate of fire, and larger magazine.  I definitely need more time to use this weapon, but my impression of it remains lukewarm at best.  Some of my outfit mates love the new pistol, but I see a few huge flaws.

First, you really need to spam your LMB to actually achieve the maximum rate of fire.  And if you want to make up for the decreased damage per round compared to the emperor – you really need to be firing it fast.  The problem with spamming your pistol so quickly is that, at least for me, it makes it harder to aim and move with agility when your index finger is clicking that much.   Even when you use the weapon properly, I find that it takes far too long to kill a target – giving them ample time to respond and kill you.  You need 4-5 rounds on target before knifing them, as opposed to 3-4 with the TX2.

The upside of the TS2 is the 30 round magazine.  While nice, I find that reloading a sidearm is not very difficult, and using that many rounds engaging targets means you took too long and exposed yourself too much.  When my sidearm comes out, the target needs to go down fast, or else you will get eaten up by the many flavors of automatic or shotgun weapons out there.  “Sustained engagement” and “Pistols” should not go together, and this is my fundamental critique of the TS2.  I still dream of getting access to a lower ROF, higher damage sidearm, like the NC’s Rebel.  The revolvers don’t have enough rounds and reload too slow.  I want 8-10 rounds, the ability to use a suppressor, and relatively high damage per round.  That’s a niche that the current TR arsenal doesn’t meet.

So overall, I will keep playing with the TS2 until I auraxium it.  Then back to my trusty Emperor.

Wow, this got pretty long already.  To keep it readable, I’m going to stop here and make a part 2 later in the week to discuss the rest of GU13 🙂  Until then, stay frosty!


New videos!

I’ve been spending my spare time working on videos rather than blogging – sorry for the lack of posts.  

Things have been going great with Task Force Reaper in BWC.  My team has been getting better and better with each operation, and each week.  I seriously look forward to each and every night that we get to play together (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).  Here’s a video from some of last weeks ops that I posted yesterday to various forums and social media.

Task Force Reaper is the infiltrator unit within the Black Widow Company, a TR outfit on Mattherson.  None of the footage is scripted material, all recorded from the game during operations on Indar.  The things we do are what you see in the video – hack and pulls, base prep, combat sniping, disruption behind enemy lines.  This is the power of combined arms.  This is BWC.



The next video was my first attempt using Sony Vegas for editing.  It was a pretty wicked tower run, although I noticed during editing that there were tons of low BR players.  I finally learned how to add a kill counter graphic, which was nice.  


Expect a GU13 commentary once I have a chance to play in-game and process how all the changes have affected infiltrators.  I will be getting the new pistol and SMG, and will add my impressions to that as well 🙂

Patching now… just waiting for the servers to go live!


This is my third attempt to write this post.  The first time I hit “publish” and somehow everything got lost and never made it to the blog.  (Everything now gets typed in Word!).  The second draft was ready for the printing press when ImplantGate hit, exploded and then ended in the blink of an eye.  It has been an emotional and stressful week for the PS2 community – players and devs alike.  For those without twitter/reddit/forumside/blogs/internet, here’s what you missed.

The announcement:
Originally on the PS2 forums, and distributed around various outlets, was higby’s announcement detailing the new implants.  The original post has since been modified, so here’s a quote of the original language

“Hey all –

Implants are a consumable item that can be used to enhance your soldier with gameplay perks for a limited period of time. Each implant is equipped per-loadout and has a limited duration which is consumed only while that loadout is active. The implants are designed to give unique benefits that allow players to further refine their role & personal play-style without imparting an over-the-top player-power benefit.

Here are the currently planned implants we’re launching with GU13:

Awareness: auto-spots enemies who damage you or that you damage
Battle Hardened: reduces camera shake from explosions and flinch
Clear Vision: Protects against concussion and flash grenade
EMP Shielding: Protects against EMP Grenade effects
Enhanced Targeting: increases the range that you can see enemy health bars and names
EOD HUD: Allows you to detect enemy explosives in a short radius around you
Regeneration: Slowly regenerates health over time when not in combat
Safe Landing: Reduces fall damage
Sensor Shield: Makes you undetected on enemy radar/motion sensors
Thermal Reduction: Prevents the wearer from being highlighted by thermal vision

We will be starting with these implant types available with more being added over time.

Matthew Higby – @mhigby
Creative Director @planetside2

The outcry was tremendous.  People were canceling or threatening to cancel their subs, delete characters, and walk away from the game.  The mouth frothing rage was unbelievable.  I’ve never actually seen the community so united around a single cause – usually there are people on both sides of a debate but with implants, I had a hard time finding those who actually liked the way this was presented.
18 pages of mostly negative feedback.

Needless to say, within 24 hours, there was a response.  One that I was actually surprised to see, since everything I’ve seen them announce that I didn’t want to have happen has gone live.



There was rejoicing in the streets, and around the warpgates.  Everyone fired their fireworks in the sky and then resumed the endless bloodbath of Auraxis.

So – with that summary out of the way, I do have a few things to say about ImplantGate.  Most of the dissent I saw was related to the idea that these powerful implants were P2W – they required constant repurchasing, and were straight upgrades from default.  I completely agree with this assesment, and agree that PS2 needs to stick to the idea of sidegrades and the cosmetic/luxury economy, not making these powerful items something that give players with money a clear advantage.

But there was a more dangerous change that would have occurred had the implants landed on the live server.  I think my fellow infiltrator Valena, as he is known on the PS2 forums, said it best here:

I will highlight his analysis of the implants (bolding is my emphasis), but encourage you to read his entire OP, because it is very much how I feel about the treatment infiltrators have received from SOE.

  • Awareness. By far the worst of all the implants for use against Infiltrators. This will be the final nail in the sniping coffin. Stack this with Nanoweave and not only will no sniper be able to kill you, but if they land a perfect headshot you will instantly and automatically spot them for you and the rest of your friends to see.

  • EMP Shielding. EMP grenades are only carried by one class, the Infiltrator. This implant instantly negates any buffs these grenades may get in the future, damning them to an eternity of uselessness.
  • HUD Explosive Detection. One of the new things that Infiltrators are supposed to get in the update is the ability to see enemy explosives on their HUD. Like the Recon Tool, this is a ‘unique’ ability that is being placed into the hands of every other class in the game. It also further reduces the effectiveness of AP mines, which Infiltrators often rely upon.
  • Sensor Shield. This implant would have been well balanced if it only worked against scout radar systems; had that been the case it would have given recon darts a much needed advantage over scout radar, but as is it provides absolute immunity to Recon Darts as well. Like EMP Shielding, this is a direct and deliberate nerf to the Infiltrator class.

I couldn’t have said it better – Awareness would kill my playstyle as a covert close range flanking sniper.  Sensor shield gives the stealth and infiltrating attribute to EVERY class, while simultaneously removing our ability to detect enemy forces.  The EOD HUD implant, while I think is relatively worthless, was supposed to be OUR ABILITY in the INFILTRATOR UPDATE.  Or anyone’s ability, for an implant.  The EMP grenade implant, I doubt anyone would have used… but really?  Negate our unique grenade?

I won’t expand too greatly on this since it has already gone back to the drawing board.  All I have to say is that what most people didn’t really talk about (except for us infiltrators) is just how devastating these implants would have been to the infiltrator community.  Even more important is that if this had made it to the live game and people bought them – there would be no turning back.  If awareness and sensor shielding ruined infiltrator gameplay, it’d be too late.  Paying customers would have been even more upset if SOE had tried taking any of this back.  Lets all breathe a sigh of relief as SOE figures out how to do this without ruining the game.  We need to remind them that it’s not just about making sure implants don’t turn the game into P2W, but that they also keep in mind that they shouldn’t break the gameplay of an entire class.

I really like CuteBeaver’s ideas and response to ImplantGate, which I will link here. He came up with some non-game breaking implants for each class that seem nice.

One thing I feel must be said – the sensor shield implant (radar immunity) should not be an implant – it should be an infiltrator suit slot!  The infiltrator class needs more options for stealth and infiltrator gameplay, and this would have been perfect instead of the explosive detecting suit (that is completely useless – just wear flak armor!).  Having it as a suit slot forces you to give up nanoweave, flak or other nice options, making it a true sidegrade.  I would really like to see SOE consider that.

So, what have I learned from ImplantGate?  SOE devs actually listen – and they responded to the community within 24hrs.  That’s unheard of in this industry.  They also turn a blind eye to the Infiltrator class, and don’t really seem to grasp how fragile of a balance we live in – one bad tweak to our cloak and we get mowed down behind enemy lines by the hundreds.  One buff to nanoweave threatens to make our signature weapons near-obsolete.  These implants would have reduced infiltrators to snipers on a hill, 200m away from danger.  Other styles of play would have been adversely impacted by the various implants proposed – nearly breaking the class.  I learned that we need to watch SOE very carefully, and keep the devs in check regarding infiltrators.  They don’t seem to understand us very well.

Funny – my original post was to celebrate the improvements to our cloak on low settings coming soon, and the fact that our recon dart device no longer makes you pop up on the minimap.  What a difference a few days can make.


Stay Frosty,


Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles and you

The subject of SASR’s have been coming up more and more lately, on these threads and in conversations I’ve had with other infiltrators. A long time ago, I went through the brutal task of getting the auraxium medal for the SOAS-20, HSR-1, 99SV and KSR-35. Yes, the SOAS-20 pre-buff. It was a very difficult time, and yet, I became a better player for learning how to use all the weapons in our arsenal.

Let me cut to the chase and share my thoughts on SASR’s and why they will remain a niche weapon group.

1. You make yourself more vulnerable to get a kill.

With a bolt action, you can decloak – fire one shot – cloak and move. I can slip headshots on targets in the middle of a hot mess and then reposition. With a SASR, even if you are accurate – you must decloak – scope up – ping, ping (and sometimes 3 more pings!) – scope down and cloak. The time that you are scoped up and trying to kill a target simply is longer than with a BASR. And you can’t really move around while ADS, or your accuracy will suffer greatly. I forced myself to go several sessions with just the 99SV and KSR-35 recently and kept getting killed from the side or behind while scoped. Let me be clear, this doesn’t mean I’m complaining or saying we need a change. It’s just a reality of the weapon class – you will ALWAYS be more vulnerable than when using other sniper rifles or smg.

2. You are not stealth. Even with a suppressor.

Firing multiple non-lethal shots down range have several effects on your ability to infiltrate – mainly that you lose control over your stealth. The sound of a SASR firing repeatedly (even suppressed) will draw attention rapidly. I will say that I like the sound of the suppressed KSR-35 (sounds like a SR-7), but the 99SV suppressed is horrid (sounds like the M77-B suppressed). Furthermore, when using a SASR, you give targets a chance to take cover, heal and hunt you down. Yes, you will kill people, but SOME of them will escape, and know exactly where you came from.

3. Scope sway on a weapon that requires multiple accurate shots

I believe that scope sway is a mechanic designed to balance OHK BASR’s – and i’m fine with that. But having sway on SASR’s that require numerous rounds to connect is ludicrous. I know SOE threw sway on all 6x scope weapons… but I do believe that if you want infiltrators to use these weapons and actually have superior performance at long range, scope sway needs to go for SASR’s. As it stands now, you need to get two consecutive headshots in a single breath to reliably and safely kill a target. Which means a stationary target. Which means WHY NOT USE A BOLT ACTION??? Don’t even get me started on scope sway with the KSR-35… a 2x semi auto rifle that sways…

With all of these points above (I’m sure there are others that I simply left out), you now have a class of weapons that put you at medium range (i.e. lethal distance of other classes), unstealthed, vulnerable to flanking and with scope wobble. These downsides will keep SASR’s as a niche weapon class. Bolt actions do a superior job in the aspects that matter – stealth, short vulnerablility and single shot kills. They also work better at range (I’ve slapped a 10x scope on the 99SV and tried to use it at 200m. It’s hilarious. It’s bad.)

“So Mustarde, what is this niche you speak of? All these negatives you mention… what about the positive???”

I’m glad you asked! SASR’s are great for open field combat. When you are with a squad, platoon or just zerging it with friendly forces. They are highly effective when you are engaging infantry that are spawning from a position and running to an objective over open ground. You can drop moving targets more consistently with the SASR. If someone is oblivious and standing still, two quick taps to the head will dispatch them and it is not very hard to do – thus you can still serve some function that the BASR fills well. If you have allies by your side, the vulnerability is not as severe – although you WILL get countersniped by infiltrators using BASR’s quite handily. Like I said, you can’t really strafe while scoped without sacrificing accuracy.

I recommend pulling out a SASR for those open combat situations where you can’t find stationary targets. When you are with a squad and have backup. Or if you are attempting to complete the infiltrator challenge and get auraxium for all the sniper rifles 🙂 The rest of the time, I find BASR’s or the SOAS-20/SMG superior.

Also, I favor the 99SV over the KSR-35 by a large margin. All the downsides I mentioned compound when you use short range scopes and get up close. The only time I did well with the KSR-35 was in biolabs, hiding up in the trees with a suppressor. Even then, I’d have gotten 20 more kills with a BASR.

I’m working on some video footage of these rifles – It’s taking some time so be patient but I’ll post it once I’m happy with what I’ve recorded.

Please – don’t misinterpret this as a rant, whine or call for a buff. This is an analysis, based on my own extensive experience with the weapons. I don’t want SOE to change anything here. I am tired of people telling me to pull out a SASR instead of complaining about BASR’s and nanoweave – because the difference between those two classes of weapons is HUGE and the idiots giving me that advice have no idea what they are really suggesting. Also, I know that some of you do really well with SASRs. I actually had a nice 7-8 KDR going with the 99SV the other night. You can make it work. That doesn’t change the facts that I shared above. Just find the right circumstances to use these guns and you’ll do alright.

That’s all for now.


July update

Sorry for the slowdown in posting.  New responsibilities at work keep me busy, and the most recent double XP weekend had my utilizing free-time to grind out certs rather than blog!  I hope that you all enjoyed the boatload of cert points and made the most out of it… I know I did!

So, what am I working on or planning for PS2 and this blog?  Well, a few months ago, I wrote a detailed guide to every TR infiltrator weapon.  I am planning to update it (I never got around to updating after all the scout rifles were buffed in GU05) and make a few revisions to original statements.  The flash guide needs a bit of tuning, although I will wait until the fury nerf goes through first.  I also really want to organize my guides more and make a seperate menu that you guys can browse to read through all of them.

I have some cool ideas for videos including one that has been on the backburner for a bit.  I don’t want to spoil it too much, except to say this: infiltrator duels.  It’s taking me a long time to get the footage I want but once I do, it should be epic 🙂

I’ve seen some good videos and discussions on the semi-auto sniper rifles and the scout rifles on the infiltrator board.  While I probably have more experience with those weapons than all of the people posting there (auraxium medal for all of them), it has been a long time since I have made an honest attempt to use them.  After the infiltrator challenge, I may have promised myself I’d never use the KSR-35 again, and up until now that was an easy promise to keep.  I might have to break it now!  I think I will dedicate the next week or so to re-exploring these weapons and collecting some good gameplay footage.

Gripes: there are a few things that have been eating away at me that I am afraid aren’t getting addressed with the infiltrator update in August or September.  These are familiar and longstanding problems that none of you should be surprised to see me gripe about, but here we go.

-Nanoweave: imbalanced vs. BASRs
-Occupied turret hacking: there are workarounds, but that does not justify the bug (which is inconsistent)
-Server lag making cloaking/decloaking and shooting nearly impossible (I have started playing MAX during laggy sessions)
-Decloaking while reloading: the cloak overall is buggy, but this specifically happens often when I use SMG’s and want to cloak and reload while running away
-Infiltrator IFF cloak glow: Terrible.  God awful.  I am getting gunned down so freely within enemy territory.  This one makes me angry
-Double nerf on flash fury:  Big ammo nerf in Gu11.  I was fine with this.  Right now there are nerfs on the PTS, that if they go live on top of the GU11 nerf… will just completely squash this platform.  The other day I pulled out the kobalt to give it a spin and was completely disappointed… again.  I fear that the wraith flash (with its 100 resource cost) is going to go back to collecting dust.
-Radar:  It’s everywhere, all the time.  Radar flashes, ESF’s, etc.  And with the infil update, continuous radar.  And no prospect for a suit slot to be immune to radar on the horizon.  This makes me sad, and is killing the CQC infiltrator profession.

Phew, that was a lot.  I know there are more things out there but this stuff has been bugging me a lot.  I still love infiltrator, and hate how I feel playing other classes.  But of all these gripes, exactly 0% of then are being addressed by SOE with the update.  And there are very few, if any, dedicated infiltrators that aren’t being held back by this as well.  We all keep crying out for fixing these issues.  It keeps falling on deaf ears.

But don’t worry – we will get a crossbow and a robot drone next month! 


Keep your chins up, and stay frosty,