Furthering the Nanoweave Debate


I put together a video that is more coherent and included my thoughts on the nanoweave issue that is plaguing the infiltrator class, particularly those of us using bolt action rifles. It has been a good healthy debate. I have tweeted it and tried to draw attention to the developers, as we as raise awareness within the infiltrator community.

I think it is an important issue because it greatly affects the signature ability of primary weapon class – bolt action rifles. Getting headshots are not trivial, and when you land one, you rarely get a second chance. Surviving a headshot due to nanoweave armor has cause a great deal of misery for infiltrators who deal with other built-in downsides to balance the class – scope sway, 100 less hp, loud cloaking and the weapons themselves: long rechamber, long reload.

Just last night I had no less than 15 headshots get “nanoweaved”. It happens all the time, and renders me useless against entire groups of players. In particular, on Mattherson, I’ve noticed that NNG (no nonsense gamers, a great outfit) run almost all of their ground guys with nanoweave. I landed a ton of headshots on them last night, and over the last few weeks, with unsatisfying results.

I still love what I do, and the class is my favorite way to enjoy the game. I haven’t taken the route that some have, quitting or playing other classes until it gets fixed. I will keep adapting and playing my best, all while advocating for changes I believe will help the game stay fun, balanced and challenging.

Also, I saw the fury nerf on the PTS. It’s about what I expected… no surprises there. My only concern there is that they already nerfed flash fury ammo a LOT. I already use mine a lot less (in addition to the increased cost). So when it’s all said and done… triple nerf? Seems excessive. That and I really like how the fury feels on my sunderer. What does feel broken is slapping a fury on a harasser, because you can farm dozens and dozens of infantry kills with ease.

Thats all for now. Keep sniping, and stay frosty!


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