BWC Server hop

Yesterday (23Jun) BWC did a 24 hr operation on a different server.  We went to Waterson, another US Eastern TZ server.  The purpose was to mix things up, get our name out there, and show people that teamwork can overcome certs and battlerank.  It was an absolute BLAST and I can’t wait until the next one we do!

I spent most of the day as an infiltrator, and did pretty decent.  I started at BR1 and ended at BR17 or so.  There were a few painful aspects of not having certs as an infiltrator:

1.  No suppressor for my SR-7.  I stayed a bit at range until I got the certs for it.  Man I really love my suppressor
2.  Low level cloak – SO PAINFUL!  After a while, you forget how valuable those extra seconds are, where you can recharge the cloak.
3.  No nanoweave or flak armor.  I died to so many mines… I’m used to using either NW 5 or some form of flak.
4.  Vehicle respawn timers – I also didn’t appreciate just how long it takes to pull vehicles when you don’t cert out the timers
5.  Wraith flash – It takes so many certs to use well, that I couldn’t even come close to getting one running.  High cert cap.

Overall it was a really fun visit.  There were some real funny moments where people were asking who we were and why there were so many low BR’s killing them!  I think the individual skill level on Waterson is similar, if not slightly less than what you see on Mattherson.  The big difference comes in the outfits you see – or don’t see.  On Waterson, we ran to defend Vanu Archives against a large VS force.  We secured the “A” point with maxes, engies, medics and a few HA’s.  The VS kept zerging into the room one at a time… all of us were waiting for a max crash.  And waiting… for a crash that never came.  We were so confused as to why the VS would keep throwing themselves into our guns without making a coordinated push, that would have happened on Mattherson within minutes.  

Now, that’s not to say you don’t have max crashes on Waterson, or that it is some unique tactic that only happens on the big M.  But the fact that it never happened, when it would have happened within minutes on our server, was eye opening.  The entire day was like that, as the BWC noobs stuck together, fighting off small and large groups alike.  Sure, there were some real big fights that we had to fall back from, and more than a few vehicle zergs that gave us trouble (what wouldn’t we have given for some C4!!!) but it was rare that we saw the kind of teamwork and coordination that has become second nature on Mattherson.

I am probably a bit biased, and bragging a little about my home server.  Mattherson really is a challenging environment to play PS2, and that has helped me both as a player and a member of an outfit, to thrive.  I can’t wait to visit more servers with BWC in the future, to take our brand of justice and apply it to more rebels and cultists!

One really funny moment from yesterday… we were rolling up along the northwestern edge of Indar when I looked on the map and saw multiple squads detected in a hex belonging to us, with no one contesting the base.  There were equal VS and NC there.  It was very strange, the base was completely empty.

After investigating a little, we stumbled upon some sort of VS/NC truce, where they were doing something with maxes.  I’m sure it was fun, something like a friendly competition or whatever.  But the second my outfit saw this, we were appalled at the lack of fighting and quickly overran their position with prowlers and infantry.  Within 10 minutes, the area was secure, tears were spilt and we moved north to take more territory.  I don’t know what they were up to, but that would never have stood on Mattherson.  I was happy to end the hand-holding 🙂

Till next time,



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