GU11 for Infiltrators

So, GU11 hit today and I had the chance to play for a few hours and get a feel for the changes.  These are pretty early impressions and may change after hotfixes and the passage of time.

1.  The Wraith

Overall the biggest definitive change in GU11 was changes to the vehicles, which for infiltrators specifically, affect the Wraith.  Resource cost went from 25 to 100.  This is much more reasonable than the 150 which initially was proposed.  I did not pull my wraith too often tonight, and even though I have max timer cooldown, I never ran out of resources.  I was pulling more sunderers than flashes tonight anyways.  But the bottom line is, I was able to maintain a reasonable pace of Flash use with a single tech plant throughout the night.

I used to use IRNV optics for the fury however, and these now are just HORRIBLE.  I had the hardest time using the IRNV optics and kept TK’ing my own guys, as well as not being able to see infantry beyond a certain range.  I didn’t test it extensively but I have to say that it simply was NOT FUN to use.  I was so frustrated that I decided to get thermal vision, which is now the superior choice for the flash.  It comes reasonably close to the function served by the old IRNV.  Once again, after tonights session, I see no reason to ever use IRNV optics on the wraith.

I don’t even understand why they made it work worse than before.  I get the reasoning behind changing IRNV for infantry weapons since there are alternatives that had been neglected in the past.  On a flash, however, there are no such options, only IRNV or Thermal.  SOE also added a “warm up” time for both IRNV and thermal.  That slight delay is annoying as hell, but still livable.  I’m not mad, but I am frustrated that they took these optics and simply made them work worse than before.  Quality of life my ass.

Lastly, for the wraith, they nerfed fury ammo capacity.  HARD.

Ammo capacity reduced from 75 to 30.
Ammo capacity certifications reduced from 15 to 5 grenades per rank

I used to spawn a flash with 9 rounds in the magazine and 126 on standby.  I had 50 in reserve today.  I dropped enough certs to get back up to 75, and I was too annoyed to bring myself to spend the last 1500 certs to max out ammo capacity.  I realize the Fury is imbalanced, but not because of being overpowered, but because of how awful the other weapons are at their task.  I tried the basalisk and cobalt, however they are simply inferior for killing infantry.

These changes combined will reduce the presence of wraith farming on the field, but not eliminate them.  I’ll still get out there, surprise people and kill them.  But I have to say, in terms of the wraith, SOE definitely made it less fun to use and less accessible for people who haven’t invested a great deal of certs to make it work well.

2.  ADAD

-This change helps everyone but will also benefit us as we try to snipe targets.  I landed several nice headshots today, on targets trying to dance around.  It’s not a huge change but one that will often benefit us more I think.

3.  Friendly cloak glowing

I don’t like this one.  It feels like dumbing down the game, and to my knowledge, is not something anyone was really asking for as infiltrators.  Now, when we are amongst the enemy and they see a blur of cloak, they know 100% that you are an enemy and can open up with impunity.  I can’t really say this got me killed yesterday, but I am not a huge fan of the change.

4.  Scope sway

“The scope sway pattern no longer resets each time you exit the scoped view.”  Listed under “Bug Fixes”.  This is annoying for me as well, since at mid ranges you can often land shots without needing to hold your breath, since there was a predictable movement to the scope sway (always would start up and to the left, in the figure of 8 pattern).  Now, without holding your breath, it’s very hard to quickly scope up and land reasonably accurate shots.  Another “quality of life” update that no one was asking for, and no one should be happy with.  And no, I don’t think infiltrators were abusing the scope sway predictability to the point it needed fixing.  It’s was still hard to land shots at range without holding your breath.

These were the main changes in GU11 that affect infiltrators and as you can guess, most of them were a downgrade or neutral.  I’m not that thrilled with the update in general and a read of twitter, forums and friendly chatting in-game shows that I’m not alone.   I’m especially miffed at how worthless the IR/NV optics are on vehicles.  This all falls under the “be careful what you wish for” type of thinking I have regarding the infiltrator class update.  For a while now, I’ve been afraid of what SOE will do as they tweak the class, and I hope that in the process of weeding through all the legitimate suggestions that have been made regarding the update, they don’t ruin gameplay further.

Sorry for the more negative than usual post.  I had a rough session tonight, and most of the changes that I got to experience were not fun, and in general made the game more annoying or punitive.  Now I have to spend certs to get thermal on everything.


One thought on “GU11 for Infiltrators

  1. Wasn’t sure where to put this question but it seemed appropriate here: What are you thoughts on the infil update ( I know its still a long way off so things will change but it all seems a bit gimmicky at the moment (and clearly Luperza and Clegger don’t play the class at all currently!). It would be great to read where you see this going and maybe even help inform the devs what would actually be useful.

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