Obligatory celebration for hitting BR100.  It’s a nice time to reflect on my time playing the game, and skim the stats.

42 days of time in-game.  Wow.  It’s nice that I am at a particular point in life where I can spend so much free time playing the game.  For most, this is a very large investment of time and borders on too much.  For me, it is a haven from the insanity that composes the rest of my day-to-day job and home life, and I have been grateful for the leisure and enjoyment I’ve gotten out of Planetside.

48,000 kills, 25,000 headshots.  This stacks up pretty high compared to my overall XP and rank on the server.  It reflects my playstyle and class selection of infiltrator.  The headshot number is obvious – and only Torokokill has me beat (that guy is a beast, 33k headshots!).  I’m in the top 10 for overall kills on the server, which at first can be confusing, since I’m 43rd in XP overall.  This is quickly answered by looking at vehicle kills.  Simply, unless I’m constantly hacking AV turrets and killing vehicles, or using tanks/aircraft while still in an infiltrator suit, there is no real way to get vehicle kills as an infiltrator.  Many other players are out there blowing up tanks and sundies with C4, which gets reflected with a high score and lower kill count.  I also did not have alpha squad, and spent the first 4-5 months of the game without any active boosts, and only a partial membership, so there was less XP rewarded per kill.

Where to go from here?  It is funny how your goals change once you hit a milestone in a game.  Especially in PS2, where BR 100 is pretty much the top rung of the ladder.  When scanning the leaderboards, you can see that for some players, hitting BR 100 is the end game, and they stop playing.  I already have the auraxium medal for every TR infiltrator weapon in the game, and I currently have no interest in playing other factions (TR4Life!)

I haven’t yet figured what’s next, other than wrapping up the auraxium medal for both revolvers.  I certainly am not going away… I have too much fun playing the game.  Perhaps I will enjoy it even more, now that I do not have any pressure to cert-grind to the next level.  My outfit provides such a high level of enjoyment and meta-game that I barely notice all the things Sony does to change the game.  I will keep blogging and making videos, for sure.  I love leading the infiltrator detachment within BWC.  I am always switching up my gameplay, using various weapons and attachments to keep things different.  I rarely flirt with other classes, but might occasionally do so.  I’ve also thought about learning how to fly a mosquito, so I can use it for more than an ejection seat 🙂  Either way, the next phase of PS2 for me is definitely going to be an adventure.  Thanks for continuing to be part of my loyal reader base!


Stay Frosty,



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