GU09 hit this week, and we have a double XP weekend upon us!  Hooray!


First thing I noticed was the XP for recon darts.  A very welcome addition, and it can net you an extra few certs during a fight.  I’m glad someone on the dev team was thinking of us humble infiltrators and our super expensive darts.

Hacking occupied turrets remain broken, and continues to frustrate me so greatly.  I used to be able to competently disable a tower, even with the guns manned.  Now, it is Russian roulette whether or not you will survive.  I keep hoping each update will bring with it, a hotfix for this issue.  I keep being disappointed :\

They played with flash handling, which I have used a fair bit and am not sure how I feel about.  It seems a little more stable, but I have to retrain myself on how to use it.  This is the second or third patch that they have tweaked flash handling and it’s hard to relearn the feel of it each time.  Hopefully they are happy so I can get used to driving it again.

The fury remains in its original state, no nerf yet.  Yay!

Towers were re-designed… AGAIN.  I’ve adapted to about 4 tower redesigns now, and with each one, they take away a little more of the visibility I used to have on enemy targets.  I think SOE is slowly trying to nerf my ability to camp a tower and farm dozens or hundreds of kills, lol.  Notably, the AA turrets are more vulnerable, the AV turrets are more protected and you can’t jump up the lift and onto the overhang on top of the top floor.  I will adapt and hopefully continue to farm people in towers 🙂

I was disappointed that the infiltrator revamp got pushed off but overall I feel the class is in a pretty good place.  I prefer SOE taking their time to make new abilities that don’t break the game.

Oh I almost forgot, people now run around with a little lean to them.  I don’t know if that was intentional or not, but it’s a little weird and a bit harder to land headshots.  I’ll try to get a screenshot today.

Now go get that double XP!

Stay Frosty,



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