An exceptional night

I usually try to make this blog about my outfit, the infiltrator class, and the tools/items we have to use.  However sometimes you have an awesome gaming session and just have to brag a little.  Of course, I’ve seen people post better runs, (though usually using vehicles), but tonight I was absolutely on fire.  We were on Amerish, going up against the NC at Crux mining operation and the pops were 50/50.  BWC had 3 squads operating there, and it was platoons vs platoons.  I immediately went into the tower and got to work, using very similar style to my other tower videos.  A few people started hunting me in my sniper nest, so I had to do a lot of dancing on the lifts, knifing and pistoling my way to victory.  Here’s the end result of the carnage which lasted nearly an hour…




For me, that was an exceptional fight, I’ve never gotten 141 kills in a single cap.  So, sorry if it sounds like I’m bragging, but I was just really pumped to end the weekend on a high note.  I still laugh every time I read on the forums about how useless infiltrators supposedly are.




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