Some weekend highlights…

I had a blast logging in this weekend and playing with BWC.  I’ll just share some more in-game footage highlights since they are fun, and why not!

I have spent a lot of time that I dedicate to “not gaming” working on training modules for our in-house infiltrator group at BWC.  It’s super top secret stuff (lol) but is designed to take people who like the infiltrator class and teach them how to make the best use of their weapons, and combine it with small squad tactics to become a lethal and effective force working alongside our larger infantry platoons.  Unfortunately, none of what I was working on will make it on the blog (at least in any official capacity) so my posting hasn’t been as robust as I’d like.

I am very close with the SMG breakdown.  It’s a long time coming, but hopefully I can wrap it up early this week.  Until then, enjoy some sniper porn!



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