Not Impressed with the Kobalt (Flash)

On teamspeak this weekend I heard a very respected member of my outfit raving about how lethal the Kobalt was and that the fury was an inferior choice for flash weaponry.  This kind of claim had me very intrigued, enough so that I spent the certs (100) to buy the gun and blindly dumped a few more hundred into magazine and optics.  I drove around trying to use it at various ranges, and in different environments and my initial impressions are not very positive.

On individual targets, it has a relatively low TTK, high accuracy and managable recoil.  The supposed advantage is the range you can take a target down at, and admittedly, the fury can get tricky when you are using 3-4 bars on the optics to arc rounds across a large space.  However, I just have not found it very effective as an anti-infantry weapon, certainly not in comparison to the fury.  Even if you have to play with the vertical height to lob rounds on a target from far away, it only takes a few misses to get it right and kill someone.  The TTK with the fury ends up being near zero with a direct hit and combined with splash damage, you will always be better off killing multiple targets with the fury.

The other concerning aspect of the kobalt is the need be stationary to use.  It is an accurate weapon that you need to be still to fire accurately.  No run and gun like the fury.  This creates many issues considering how vulnerable you are on the flash.  It generally will force you to engage at longer range, using the zoom optics.  This would be OK, except that at longer ranges on isolated infantry targets… why use a flash when I can pull out my sniper rifle?

I will give it some more time to play with and see if I can’t find more uses for the kobalt.  It certainly will allow you to kill targets.  But does it expand the infiltrator engagement opportunities?  Does it provide any advantage over the fury?  I can’t see any reason to favor it currently.  With the proposed nerf to the fury (that was so wonderfully withdrawn due to a PR debacle), I wanted to take a look around and make sure I have options if and when they make these ultimate changes.   So far, the answer is no.  And I am not in the mood to drop 1000 certs on the shotgun since it seems very silly 🙂

Anyone have a different perspective on the kobalt?


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