More BWC ops!

Last nights stream

Having a lot of fun with the outfit.  They are getting used to having me play infiltrator most of the time; the little groans and comments made during my days as a recruit have gone away.  I agree that there shouldn’t be more than 1-2 infiltrators in a general infantry squad, but I am glad that the leadership has gotten used to having me around 🙂

I’m still having some video chop issues with streaming, me and the tech wizards at BWC are working on it.  Sorry 😦

Skip to minute 15 for the beginning of the op.  Lag on indar was absolutely horrible during the op, and you will see evidence of it all over the stream.  I maintain that lag hurts infiltrators worse than most other infantry since the act of cloaking and decloaking require server-side communication.  When lag exists, the delay between cloaking/decloaking and then firing is severe and really can ruin my style of gameplay.

We went up against pretty bad odds on the ground last night, generally outnumbered 2-3:1.  We fought hard, I died a lot, and we had fun.  My typical style of play when in a squad is very different than the usual lone-wolf style of farming that I used to show off.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy watching.  I promise to try and figure out why I get chop while streaming (it isn’t my bandwidth as best I can tell).

More posting and streaming this weekend!  Also, I am almost done with a TR SMG comparison guide.  Good stuff!


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