Flash guide addendum – Nano armor regen

So after watching that video I attached showing Buzz using the nano-armor regen for the wraith, I decided that the 7k certs I had piled up was burning a hole through my infiltrator suit and I needed to spend it!

I maxed out nano armor regen and gave it a spin.  My initial impressions are very positive.  It definitely will keep you out and fighting longer – I had a few situations where I would run out of ammo before dying, which never happened before.  You do lose the benefit of the stealth defense, which is unfortunate, but I can’t really say I regret it.  I died to one mine during a session yesterday.

At maxed out certs, you regen 4% of the flash HP every second.  There is a delay before you begin to heal, I believe 5-10 seconds (at work, too lazy to look up exactly).  It is somewhat expensive, the top tier costs 500 certs.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised and will probably increase my usage of nano-armor regen.  I still think there is a role for stealth, and mineguard.  If you have to chose one, I would lean towards the regen ability, it was so nice to stay in the same flash for 10 or more minutes!  Especially since it is hard to find an engineer when you are running around cloaking and chasing people down.

Also, I had several encounters with harassers yesterday (my first real gaming session since GU08 came out).  My advice is to avoid engaging them with the Fury wraith – they can take quite a few rounds, and the dedicated gunner has no difficulty in spinning around and 1-shotting you with their AV weapons.  I killed maybe two and died 8-10 times from harassers.  They are too sturdy for the flash.

Stay Frosty,



3 thoughts on “Flash guide addendum – Nano armor regen

  1. Nice addition. Personally I’m a fan of nano-regen on lots of the vehicles to keep you in a fight longer and not have to find/be an engineer.

    I do think the harrasser will change the use of the wraith in attack significantly once people cert in to them due to the harrasser’s AV weapons, speed, radar capability and cheap resource cost.

    • The harasser is a nice vehicle, very sturdy and quick. I like that it can take a few tank rounds and survive enough to get away and repair.

      That being said, I still love my wraith and find the stealth ability more valuable than what is offered by the harasser. Position is everything in this game. You are either at the front line with every enemy gun pointed at you, or you are off to the side with a clear view of everyone’s back. As an infiltrator, there’s only one right place to be!

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