The Wraith – Part 2

*Disclaimer* – As I mentioned in the previous post, SOE is considering a nerf to the Fury.  It seems to be a rather strong nerf, of 50% to direct fire and 25% to indirect fire.  For now, the nerf is postponed due to a well timed sale for the weapon 🙂   Most of this guide is written with the fury in mind, so be advised that this will likely change, although I suspect we will continue to find use for the Fury even after the nerf.  However unless you have certs to spare, I’d recommend holding off on maxing the weapon out, i.e. the 1000 certs for the 9th round in the magazine.

So, you’ve read part 1 of the guide, and your wraith is certed out and ready to go!  Unfortunately part 2 wasn’t written yet, and the first few times you went out on the flash, you killed 1-2 guys and got blown up.  Fear not, we are going to train you up and make you a killing machine on wheels!

When to pull

I think the most important aspect of success in using a Wraith is picking the right situations to pull one.  The cloak allows you to run behind enemy lines and place heavy fire on infantry and lone vehicles.  Here is a partial list of situations I look for to pull the wraith:

-Defending an outpost against heavy opposition
-Assaulting a tech plant (and camping the spawn/SCU)
-Open field combat (my favorites are between crossroads to regent rock, north of howling pass, most of esamir – particularly snowshear, jaeger’s crossing.  Amerish is not very friendly to open field combat however there are a few good spots).
-Any situation where there are lots of enemies pouring out of a sunderer that is outdoors.

Less ideal situations to use a wraith
-Biolabs and Amp stations (sometimes useful but hard to maneuver and easy to be killed)
-Assaulting a tower
-Most of Amerish (with some exceptions)
-The crown, or any other location with choke points on the road

How to use the wraith effectively

Think of the wraith as a glass cannon.  Many explosives will 1-shot you, and it is easy to be shot off of one.  When I am being attacked by a wraith, it is often easy to wait for the driver to go stationary and headshot him off of it.  Keep this in mind as you engage targets.  Here are some basic principles.

1.  Use cover: Just like we use cover as infiltrators to snipe our opponents, try to use cover as a wraith driver.  Either by placing yourself next to a tree or rock to limit exposure, or by finding a rock you can drive over and back behind to fire – this will keep you safe and provide opportunity to recharge the cloak or change location.  See the video below of how I use cover:

2.  Try to extend the range you engage at.  I used to get right behind people before decloaking and opening up… but as you can imagine, I’d get 3-4 kills and die.  Watch this clip from Buzz, he does a great job at engaging from a much further distance which increases his success.  One note about his video – he uses nano armor regen, which works out well in this situation.  He isn’t using stealth and I am surprised at how clueless the NC were – many times you will get picked off after staying in the same place farming for that long.  Still, awesome video and an example of what can be done with the fury.

3.  Try to stay mobile.  This seems obvious but sometimes it is tempting to sit still and get your aim just right so you can fire on the enemy.  That’s how you get picked off.  Even if you are rocking back and forth a little, it will prevent headshots, as well as reduce the incoming fire damage.  After you get a few kills, consider cloaking up and changing positions.  People will come looking for you – and you are easy to kill once you are found.

4.  Find damaged vehicles and finish them off!  This is a great use of the wraith, and I am always looking for smoking vehicles.  You can get behind them and finish the job… however beware that it is easy for a gunner to one-shot you so follow the principles of cover, mobility and range.

These are the main principles that will help you stay alive using the wraith for combat.  Remember that it is quick and cheap to pull another if you die, so don’t be afraid to bail out and spawn another.  One other bit of advice I would give is that if you are under fire and unable to drive away easily, don’t be afraid to bail out, cloak up and take out the enemy on foot.  You would be surprised how often the flash can be used as a distraction or bait – I’ve bailed out, watched the enemy shoot at the empty flash while I come from the flank and kill them.  Here’s a snippet of that.


In Closing

The wraith is a wonderful transportation tool.  I usually put mineguard on it and bail out once I’ve reached my destination.  Sometimes in these situations you can use the racer chassis, although I generally prefer scrapper for its control.  It’s not hard to reach any destination and generally works out well.  I pull the wraith anytime that my outfit is trying to reach the next base on foot or by sunderer, as I can always get that first, undetected and can either begin farming infantry or prep the base for my mates arrival (hack turrets, etc.)

I hope this guide is useful.  Some of it is common sense that most of you already know, some of it is hopefully helpful and teaches you something.  Things I didn’t cover but will be investigating in the future… nano armor regen, kobalt (esp with the potential fury nerf), and the actual fury nerf.  I’ll try to augment the guide with more video footage as well.

As always, stay frosty!


PS: here’s a great farm video from buzz.  Another good example of ranged engagement in open field with lots of targets to shoot at.


3 thoughts on “The Wraith – Part 2

    • Thanks! I agree, but Buzz has made some fairly insightful posts and demonstrates incredible skill ingame. He was the one who suggested lattice, changing instant action (TE would exploit the hell out of it), nerfing PA shotties, and continues to advocate for positive game changes. He is currently showing off how good the wraith is, I’m afraid he will draw enough attn to it to provoke that nerf. He certainly seems to have the ears of the dev team, who have implemented many of his suggested changes over the life of the game.

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