The ink hasn’t even dried…


So I was driving from DC to Detroit today for a wedding when my phone started blowing up with tweets about the fury nerf on the test server.  It appears that they are stepping back from the nerf since the fury went on sale today.  Talk about divine intervention.  Lets think about it… the algorithm that determines sale items is random and chosen 30 days in advance according to Higby.  The day before they are about to release GU08 and nerf the flash, it goes on sale.

The Gods have finally smiled upon the infiltrator.

Yes, this only is a temporary reprive, I’m sure SOE will eventually take the nerfbat to the fury.  But to avoid the PR disaster, they have delayed it.  Best… sale… ever.

Unfortunately, the guide I’m writing about the wraith is highly dependent on the Fury.  It is the superior weapon to put on the flash, useful against infantry but also able to damage vehicles.   I am disappointed that SOE feels it needs to be nerfed.  Honestly, there are so few infiltrators running around with enough certs invested into the flash that I am surprised they find it a problem.  Furthermore, the flash is such a fragile vehicle, it is easily countered.  It’s not like we have a cloaked prowler or something.

I will follow these changes closely and keep the guide updated.  In the meantime I will continue to work on completing part 2 so we can go out and enjoy the Fury wraith before SOE decides to take our fun away.


P.S. I have looked at the changes, and while it is unnecessary and too severe (50% damage reduction) in my opinion, I think the Fury can still be viable once this nerf goes live.  Much testing will need to be done…


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