Recon Dart XP

Via twitter, (and something that was mentioned a while ago in an FNO interview), SOE is adding XP to infiltrators who are using their recon dart. I suspect it will be a very small amount of XP per kill that someone gets on a target you have lit up using the dart. I do wonder how the system will handle multiple darts being out in a single location. For example, in a tower full of baddies… does everyone get XP for darts, or only the one with the oldest dart out at a time?

These questions aside, it will be a welcome change. I would warn my fellow infiltrators – firing the recon dart will give you away on the minimap, just like firing an unsilenced rifle. Furthermore, the noise eminating from the dart is not subtle. A smart player will hunt you down as soon as you start spamming the darts – so be wise in how you use your new-found XP farm.

One other thing to consider with regards to certs… I do not know exactly what else is coming down the pipe for infiltrator revamp. I saw screenshots from the test server earlier with a different device instead of the recon dart that I believe was used to help call in orbital strikes. I highly recommend maxing out the recon dart device currently – it’s just great at the high levels. That being said, SOE has not officially told use what will be coming in the infil revamp so who knows what other options we will have soon. I’m starting to sit on all my certs until I see what gets announced.

Just finished moving into my new house and got the internet setup. Had a bit of time to join the BWC guys tonight, will be online intermittently for the next 2 days, then i’m out of town for the rest of the week. I will try to keep some good posts coming in during that time!

Stay Frosty


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