Been busy

Sorry for the slowdown on the blog.  I’m preparing for moving to a new townhouse in RL so I have been a bit tied up between home and work.  I did have time to join BWC for an op tonight, we had our “reaper” squad activated, which is our newer detatchment of infiltrators.  I’m currently a “reaper candidate” and we are still working out some kinks in our tactics.  The idea is to be a rapid moving squad that can help assist the main force either by hacking, sniping, or finding hostile sundies.  

It was a blast, and I really enjoyed working with fellow infies.  We still have some work to do, strategy to develop, and skills to hone.  I had a nice little run on my flash, as well as a few good tower runs.  You can actually see me do some open field sniping at Nott amp station, something I think I do quite a bit but never record and share (all my youtube videos are basically massive killstreaks at a tower… something I’ve been trying to rectify)

Anyways, here’s a link to the stream of our op.  It started slow but picked up a few minutes in at jaeger’s crossing.  Check it out if you are interested!


2 thoughts on “Been busy

  1. Struggling to watch your twitch stream as its so jumpy (about 1 fps) but don’t have a problem with the PS2 friday night ops ones. Random question, but do I have to adjust some settings to watch yours (due to the quality or something) – I’m new to twitch but wanted to see how you run your infil squads as part of a platoon? What do you do for voice comms (team speak for the squad and then Planetside voice comms to speak to the outfit platoon?)?

    • Yeah, i’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with my streaming. I had some issues two weeks ago with choppy video. I streamed last night on the BWC channel, and it was pretty good, but occasionally some blips. I’ve got the BWC tech wizards trying to figure it out 🙂

      We use teamspeak, and we don’t always run our infiltrator squads. When we use them, they are generally part of a platoon. The leader is in direct communication with the platoon lead, as well as the operation lead.

      hopefully we can get my streaming stuff sorted out!

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