More revolver thoughts

Waiting for Game of Thrones to finish downloading…

I logged a lot of solid playtime this weekend. Had a lot of fun with the BWC guys, and I’m feeling more and more useful to them every day.

I keep having this strange feeling that my sniping skills are diminishing. I don’t know if my aim is off, or if I am being more risky and care-free with the shots I do take. Ever since GU07 I’ve anecdotally been performing slightly worse. Of course, I had a killer session last night so nothing is broken that I can tell. *Shrug*

The other thing I am more confident in saying after playing a lot this weekend is that the Commissioner is the superior revolver for any infiltrator playing like I do – sneaky CQC with a bolt action. This style requires a sidearm quite often, and I am always knifing and pistoling players as I decloak and dance around them. The Commissioner delivers higher bullet velocity as well as damage, allowing a 1-hit + knife for most targets. The key is the fact that after one shot I can follow with a knife and kill most targets (with less than nanoweave 4).

Here’s the short take on the new revolvers. They open up new opportunities for kills – I took down several targets from 20-40m when I felt the bolt action was not a good choice to use – kills that you can’t really get reliably with the TX1 or TX2. But for every kill that I wouldn’t have gotten with the other sidearms, there were instances where I lost kills or got killed at close range.

I think part of it has to do with rate of fire. Several times I would flank a (non-stationary) target, approach from behind and open fire at 5m. While it’s easy to land the first shot, the target will immediately juke, run, and whip around to spray their auto-shotgun in your face. This ended up going poorly for me several times, where I couldn’t land the second or third shot to finish them off. With the TX1 especially, I had a much easier time putting 2-3 bursts followed by a knife – and if the target juked out of knife range, I’d just fire another 2-3 bursts.

Then there is accuracy. Close quarter infiltrator combat does not lend itself to ADS pistol use – so I frequently hipfire with the laser. The revolvers had a tendency to miss while I danced side-to-side trying to dodge the inevitable shotgun toting LA/HA/Medic/Engie in my face. And due to my playstyle, I am often 1-5m away from people trying to put enough damage down to stabby stab and finish the kill.

Ultimately, I think that my playstyle does not lend itself well to the revolvers. If I am going to use one, it is the Commissioner. The ability to one-hit knife targets can be wonderful, however the tradeoff costs me more deaths than additional kills. I personally have been a TX2 emperor fan for a long time, and once I get the auraxium for the TX1 repeater, I will probably go back to the TX2 as a default. If you want, or insist, on using the revolvers, the best approach is to avoid extreme close counters and knife range unless you are up against a stationary or comatose target. Another good use of the revolvers is midrange combat, either to finish off a wounded target or as an alternative to the primary weapon.

As I have said before, I applaud SOE for making balanced sidegrades, as these revolvers trade strengths and weaknesses between the pre-existing sidearms. People want choices, and I think these represent a good example of how to offer that without breaking the game. I find that the pump action shotguns did not meet this standard, and continue to be a class of weapons that hurt combat more than enhance it.

Any feedback? I do have a comments section here and would love to discuss these points further if you’d like.

Stay Frosty,



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