So after using the underboss for a while, I realized I really NEEDED for the revolver to be able to do a 1 shot + knife kill. I caved after talking to my BWC buddies for a bit and got the Commissioner. It will allow for a 1 shot + knife kill if the target has less than nanoweave 4 I believe. After using it today, I can say that it is more useful to me than the underboss.

Ultimately I’m not sure that these pistols have a role for the infiltrator full time, at least not for me. But I think I just need some practice, I’ve been using the other pistols for so long that I have a lot of work to get comfortable with these ones. I do like the increased stopping power.

In the meantime, videos like the one above demonstrate what has been happening a lot lately… ugly ugly kills 🙂

Still working on the flash guide. I don’t want to publish it until its ready.


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