An off night

GU07 hit the live server tonight, and I was excited to get home from work and log in.  I immediately bought the underboss and put a laser sight on it to go to work.  I’ve been waiting for a long time to have a powerful sidearm and was pretty eager to try it out.  I chose the undreboss due to the higher rate of fire and equivalent number of hits to kill at close range.

Thoughts on the pistol:

It’s a great weapon on paper.  And I certainly was able to get a few kills with it.  There were a few heavies that I killed who I would never have tried to kill with the repeater or emperor.  That being said, I missed a lot of frantic shots that I expected to land, and having 6 bullets makes it critical that you make shots count.  There were several times tonight that I felt with the repeater or emperor I would have survived and killed people but ended up dying in the reload.  Since it is only my first few hours with the new pistol, I am going to keep practicing with it before I come to any firm conclusions.  For now, I am a little mixed on the tradeoff of firepower for magazine size and rate of fire.

Bad night:

I played for 2 hours tonight and went 111-68.  It’s one of the worst sessions I’ve had playing the game in well over two months.  I know some people don’t care and would find that kind of record to be pretty good, but as an infiltrator, it’s a pretty bad session and something I’m not used to having.  I found myself getting killed while cloaked far more often than pre-patch, although I’m pretty sure SOE didn’t mess with cloaking mechanics this patch.  It just seemed like I was getting cheaply killed all night long and it frustrated me.  I suppose we all have bad nights, so I won’t dwell on it.  The only good point of the night was when I hopped into a wraith flash, I frequently went on killstreaks up to 10-15 and was the only reason I didn’t have a KD below 1.

Other thoughts on GU07 (related to infiltrators)

-New TR reload animation and sounds for bolt action rifles.  It will take some getting used to but I like them.  The rechamber animation does not obstruct vision anymore, which is a great improvement.  I don’t care for the sound changes but it is not offensive to me either.

-Pistols have a lot of potential to affect the infiltrator class, as we often depend on our sidearm to fight close up.  I will continue to practice with the underboss, I think I will eventually learn how to handle it effectively.

-Flash stability changes are always welcome, and I find them to perform pretty well post-patch.  Hard to say just how much the improvements affected my killing performance, but the wraith with scrapper chassis 3 felt pretty good out there.

-The HSR-1 feels great, I love the recoil changes and the extra 2 rounds in the mag.  I wish they hadn’t dropped the min damage distance to 65 from 80m, and I also was miffed that the battle rifles got a high-velocity option while we didn’t… but after using the rifle tonight, it feels better and performs better than before.  And I didn’t have a lot of problems with it before the patch

-The changes to the SOAS-20 are overall quite welcome.  I think they could have done more without imbalancing the weapon, but 4 more rounds are better than none, and the total of 240 rounds you carry make the weapon viable for more than 4 kills.  Accuracy is better, recoil is more controllable.  I don’t anticipate using the new SOAS-20 regularly as I prefer bolt actions for mid range, or SMG for close range.  Hipfire is improved now and I have noticed it.  I will give it a good healthy trial post-patch just so I am comfortable with its new capabilities

Additional thoughts:

Overall GU07 was a great patch.  I think some of the ways they balanced the weapons were strange – instead of straight buffing the scout rifles, they reduced some attributes while increasing others.  It was an overall improvement but losing some range and velocity, in exchange for accuracy/recoil and magazine size was strange.  The new pistols are a positive addition, and may end up being a good addition to the infiltrator class.  I am annoyed that my map colors don’t match the colors of my faction (seems like a bug).  Speaking of the map; timers, ally presence and generator status are awesome changes that will really help the game, in addition to the eventual lattice.  I really like those map changes.

I will continue to put time in this weekend testing the weapon changes.  I am planning updates to my TR weapons guide which will be revised and posted here and on the general forums.

Let me know what you think about the new patch!

Stay Frosty,



Edit: One other interesting note – SOE finally put some numbers out there confirming what we already knew – damage falloff exists at range for bolt action sniper rifles.  This explains numerous observations that damage falloff existed previously, and infantry with high level nanoweave could survive a headshot at 100m ranges and up.  It’s not news, it’s just nice to have the data finally!


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