Being a team player

I’ve been pretty busy with RL, as well as in-game.  Sorry for the slowdown after posting my knife auraxium.  I am working on a few things for the blog, and have about half of a wraith flash guide typed up.  I know there are some good videos with generic advice, but I’m hoping to make a really nice written guide that can be referenced for others to read.  Unfortunately making something quality takes time, and I only have so much to give between work, family and VIDEO GAMES.  So hang in there for more solid content.

Almost nightly ops with the outfit lately, and as I mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been having a blast.  The people are great, the structure is impressive, and we have fun at the end of the day.  I also recognize that it takes a ton of effort to organize an outfit like BWC has.  There’s a reason that only a handful like this exist.  Training, organizing, developing internal structure, and having all the logistical stuff in place such as a teamspeak server, forums etc. – it’s not easy.  Once you have things running like a fine oiled machine, it still requires a great deal of time and energy to continue delivering a good experience for the rank and file members.  BWC has been high-paced and exciting for the last two weeks.  It’s hard to fully appreciate that they’ve been together for over a decade!

I have taken advantage of some of the name recognition I carry outside of BWC to convince my squad leaders that I am more helpful to the group as an infiltrator than a standard heavy or medic.  As long as we don’t over-saturate a given squad with infiltrators, it seems to be working nicely.  The most competent SL’s actually appreciate having me in squad, and use me for fast hacks/sunderer deploys when we are gal-dropping on a base.  A typical drop will consist of half the group going to secure the point, me and 1-2 others (who cover me) securing the vehicle terminal, and then joining the other half of the group who suppress the spawn point.  Perhaps I will write more on “how to be a good squad member” as an infiltrator, because it is slightly different than simply being a good infiltrator.  

While BWC (and from what I can tell, other major outfits) aren’t completely ignorant with regards to infiltrators, I do find that many outfits, and squad leaders, tend to dislike us (in general) and don’t want us in squad.  I can’t entirely blame them, as some of us only sit back and snipe from long ranges.  If that is your perception of an infiltrator, I can understand not wanting one in squad.  It’s not an easy misconception to break either – you really need to show people how you can add to the group, beyond just hacking a terminal.  I will try to hop in a wraith flash to recon an area to find the hostile sunderer, or use my cloak to sneak up into a tower and mass kill the engies trying to repair turrets.  I also fire off recon darts as soon as we drop into hostile territory, and when we dont need a sunderer, I’ll hack out a radar flash and stash it somewhere.  There are lots of ways to help the group and “prove” yourself to the others.  That has been my focus since joining the new outfit, and it seems to be working so far.

Ways that we can screw up?  Since we often cloak up and break away from the pack (at least I do sometimes) if we get killed, it’s often not possible to get a medic, or worse, the inexperienced medic tries to save you and gets himself killed.  We also can’t deal with vehicles, so sometimes we just aren’t the right tool for the job at the moment.  Other common mistakes include not having the right certs invested in the sunderer (mineguard, AMS, etc) or being ill-equipped for the type of combat you are heading into (even I don’t bring my bolt action into a biolab).  Those are just a few things that come to mind as I evolve my playstyle around teamwork instead of lone-wolfing.

So stay tuned, more to come later this week with my thoughts on the combat flash.  I’m also going to compare the two SMG’s for the TR, the Armistice and the Hailstorm.  

Stay Frosty


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