Bring a knife to a gunfight…

Knife auraxium

Knife auraxium

It’s a powerful tool combined with cloak and pistol.  I think we could do really well with the new heavy pistol + proposed new cloaks that sacrifice a primary weapon in exchange for longer lasting or more invisible cloaking.

I certainly encourage every infiltrator to practice using their sidearm and knife, combined with evasive maneuvers cloaked when enemies get close to you.  I’ve pulled off some pretty wild moves and taken down HA’s with full health using this combination.

In other news: the VS hold indar and the NC push to warpgate the TR.  Naturally.  I normally wouldn’t mind but just a few days ago they were working with the NC to break our lock.  Now, they keep pushing us when we are trying to break the VS lock.  I don’t understand Mattherson sometimes :\  It’s still fun, just confusing at times.


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