Almost, not quite

This week has been intense within PS2.

Mattherson TR ghost-capped Indar during an alert in the wee hours of the morning.  I hadn’t seen Indar capped since pre-GU02 on SolTech.  With Indar usually full and people waiting in the que, it’s hard for a faction to warpgate both factions.  It’s near impossible…

As expected, the VS and NC pushed the TR back for 2-3 nights straight, literally working side by side to take away our cont lock.  I thought it was a bit cheesy, but not unexpected in a game that has a sandbox-like feel.  No matter what your thoughts are on the matter, I think it would be hard to disagree that capping Indar and the subsequent fights have made things more interesting in-game.  Just one more step closer to something resembling the holy grail for us forum warriors… metagame.

One disappointing bit of information that came out was that the TR lost their hold of Scarred Mesa Skydock because of a hacker who blatantly killed a few hundred TR and VS within minutes, completely ruining the defense there.  I’m sure we would have fallen eventually, but to lose Indar to a hacker just put a bitter taste in the mouths of over a thousand players who worked to defend or take away the cap.

Now the VS have Indar.  Things keep getting interesting here…

Outside of Mattherson politics, I have been having a blast with BWC.  As I mentioned, this week was their graduation week for new and rising leaders who have taken a specific leadership class.  Each night there is a big outfit-wide operation, lead by one of the graduating students.  It’s a big deal and we frequently hit 6-8 squads or more.  It has been a lot of fun and we are getting some great big fights.  I’m also starting to get the hang of things here in the ouftfit and their leadership is letting me spend more time supporting them with infiltration.  I still have lots of other classes certed out so I am versatile but I think there is usually a need for at least a few infiltrators at all times to help with hacking and… well… hacking 😛

I’ll skip the long discussion on our class deficiencies since that is worthy of one or two posts (or more!) alone.  I do think i’ve been able to help with these large operations though.   Once we get updated orders on where to go, I quickly hop in my mosquito, crash the base, and try to hack out a sunderer for the guys.  Sometimes it’s not needed and I’ll pull a radar flash.  During bigger fights where battle lines are drawn, I’ve started using the wraith flash + m40 fury – and damn is it fun!  I still need to work on target selection and positioning because I die a fair amount in the flash… more than I probably should.  And of course, I still get behind enemy lines and start sniping all the people with a bolt action to the head.

Last night I came close to two personal milestones of mine.  I ended the evening with 19,943 headshots, just shy of my 20k goal.  I should hit that tonight.  I’m also 27 knife kills away from auraxium medal, something I’ve been coveting for a while too.  After that, I’m not sure what I should be working on.  I just have the TX1 repeater, perhaps the m40 flash… no other auraxium medals to get.  Unless I stop infiltrating, which isn’t going to happen 🙂

So yes, PS2 has never been better for me.  I can’t wait to log in, join squads and shoot the heads.  Or knife the faces.  Or knife someone and not have the hitbox register 🙂  LOL sorry I couldn’t help myself with that one.  But yes, I’m having more fun than ever.


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